The Eruption of Power is Necalli's second V-Trigger in Street Fighter V.[1]

Street Fighter V Arcade-Button-HPunch+Arcade-Button-HKick

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Executed by pressing Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick simultaneously, Necalli channels a mysterious energy to transform into a more powerful being. His hair bursts loose from its bonds, lengthens, and glows bright red. The scars on both his body and face glow red and flash when certain moves are used. His skin darkens noticeably while the sclera of his eyes turn from white to ghastly black. In addition to the change of his appearance, his personality and gameplay also change.

Necalli also gains a new move called Heart of Gold. By pressing Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick simultaneously during when Eruption of Power is active, Necalli unleashes a powerful shout to create a red, slow-moving projectile that disappears almost immediately.

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During V-Trigger, all of Necalli's attacks become more powerful, with no time limit. However, this means that Necalli is unable to use his V-Reversal.[2] While active, Necalli needs to constantly be on the attack and controlling offensive pressure. His walk speed becomes faster and his dash distance also increases. Necalli's overall damage output is also increased. In addition, some of his frame data is altered, allowing Necalli to dish out more powerful combos that can only be achieved during V-Trigger.

Necalli's special moves are also enhanced.

  • The Disc's Guidance:The Light version is safe on block if spaced correctly. The need to charge for this move is also when used in combos. Necalli can combo the Medium version of Disc's Guidance from his Medium normal attacks. He can also combo the Heavy version of Disc's Guidance from his Heavy normal attacks. Each version, including the EX version, of this move does an additional hit. 
  • Raging Light: When in V-Trigger, this move gains more range, thus improving Necalli's anti-air game. It also grants more invincibility, making it a solid reversal option. Each version of Raging Light gains an additional hit. The Light version hits two times, the Medium version hits three times, the Heavy version hits four times, and the EX version hits six times.
  • Valiant Rebellion: This move gains more active frames and less recovery on all versions. In addition, each version is less minus on block, making it harder for his opponent to punish. Necalli can also combo his Medium Punch into the Medium version of this move. Additionally, he can combo his Heavy Punch into the Heavy version of this move.
  • Culminated Power: The properties of this move change during V-Trigger. Necalli has a much faster startup, letting him attack his opponent much quicker before they can defend against it. Additionally, the hitbox of the earthquake increases, widening Necalli's attack range.

Necalli can also use his new move, Heart of Gold, to enhance his pressure. After knocking the opponent down, Necalli can use his projectile as a great meaty attack, since its a fireball that sits in place and has a lot of active frames. On block, it is +1. On hit, it is +6, allowing Necalli to link into his normal or special attacks. It is very effective in the corner, putting his opponent in a position where they are constantly on their heels and dealing with Necalli's suffocating pressure.

He also gains a new Critical Art called Soul Offering. In addition to the change in animation, it also does slightly more damage than his original Critical Art.

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