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Escher is a character from the American animated Street Fighter television show. He first appears in the season one episode, The Adventure Begins. He is voiced by John Payne.


In The Medium is the Message, M. Bison holds a Street Fighter tournament in India. Escher sends Colonel Guile and the rest of his Street Fighters to compete in the tournament. Bison is also due for attendance as well, but has a double threat for a very cunning plan of his. Both of them include using a new army of mutant combatants to destroy the Street Fighters in battle or have Balrog, one of his henchmen to create a false video of the Street Fighters defiling a Hindu temple. If that goes ahead, Bison wins the tournament and Indian descendant Dhalsim will get angry at the Street Fighters for defiling the temple. Unfortunately for both Balrog and Bison, the plans had failed instantly as Guile saves the captured scientist and performs a Flash Kick on a time bomb to prevent itself from going off with a boom.

Escher also appears in the episode, Keeping the Peace. He asks Colonel Guile to check out on the situation of rare diamonds being seen in Shadaloo on behalf of the other Street Fighters. Guile succeeds in defusing some bombs in the area, while Sawada takes charge of the Allied military in Guile's absence.