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This is a list of quotes used by Evil Ryu.

Street Fighter EX series[]

Win Quotes[]

Street Fighter EX plus[]

"What's wrong?"「どうした ?」

"Don't use your words."「何も言うな。」

Street Fighter EX3[]

"This soul will penetrate this"「この魂この貫くまでだ。」

Street Fighter Alpha 3[]

Win Quotes[]

  • "Absolute destruction is the only perfection possible!"
  • "I see nothing but the destruction that I create!"
  • "It is too late to go back, now..."
  • "Nothing that stands before me will survive!"
  • "The darkness seeks out those who need it the most!"
  • "There is no place for the weak to exist!"
  • "To lose is to prove that you are worthy to perish!"
  • "Your life is not the only thing that you are risking in battle!"
  • "No one can stop me...No one!"

Rival Dialogues[]

vs. Sagat[]


  • Evil Ryu: "Fight me, Sagat!"
  • Sagat: "Ryu...? Look at yourself! You have lost control of your power! You are not the same man that I wanted to challenge!"
  • Evil Ryu: "Shut up! Get ready to fight!"


  • Evil Ryu: "Why...? Why were you not fighting with all your strength?"
  • Sagat: "Why should I? You are not the Ryu who left a scar on my chest! A warrior wouldn't allow himself to be tempted by a cheap trick! I will wait for my true rival to return, and challenge me!"

vs. M.Bison[]

  • M. Bison: "Ha ha ha! You've come a long way, kid... You are only human... You cannot resist the evil energy within! You plunge deeper into the darkness as your power grows... Your darkness is powerful enough to be my source of energy!"
  • Evil Ryu: "Never! You will not succeed!"

vs. Shin Akuma[]

  • (Pre-dialogue; both use the Shun Goku Satsu on each other, which throws them both back)
  • Evil Ryu: "Do you know...? Do you know what lies ahead, and what this energy will bring?"
  • Shin Akuma: "Words do not have any meaning to us... Now, satisfy your rage and anger... Attack me! Only the winner will ever know the truth..."


  • Evil Ryu: "I won... I defeated him...!"
  • Evil Ryu: "Only a true martial artist could have this invincible evil power!"
  • Evil Ryu: "Gwaaaah!!"
  • (flashes to Ryu giving Sagat his chest scar)
  • Evil Ryu: "My fist is soaked with blood... The blood of death!"
  • (Evil Ryu starts transforming)
  • Evil Ryu: "WOOOOOOOHHHH!!!"
  • (flashes to Evil Ryu next to the bodies of M. Bison, Juni, Juli, Akuma, Vega, and Sagat)
  • Evil Ryu: "...WOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH!!"
  • Evil Ryu: "!!!"
  • (Evil Ryu is fully transformed, with his eyes pure yellow)
  • Evil Ryu: "............"
  • Evil Ryu: "I... am... the master... The supreme master of the fist!"
  • (His kanji flashes on his back)
  • Evil Ryu: "Where...? Where can I find the one who can defeat me?!"

Capcom vs. SNK series[]

Match of the Millennium[]

Win Quotes[]

  • "...........................!!"

Millennium Fight 2000[]

(VA: Toshiyuki Morikawa)
Japanese Translation Audio Occurs when/during
「絶!」(` Ze~tsu!') "Death!"
「俺の小節が血を求めている! 」(` Ore no kobushi ga chi o motomete iru!') " My fist wants your blood! "
「小節が血を求めている! 」(` Kobushi ga chi o motomete iru!') " These fist wants your blood! "
「王子気づか?」(` Ōji kidzuka?') "Are you scared?"
「殺す!」(`Korosu!') "Kill!"
「われ! こぶし極めたり!」(`Ware! kobushi kiwame tari!') "I mastered my fist!"

Ending Quote[]


Win Quotes[]

  • "The strongest warrior is the last one standing!"
  • "Victory is now life!"
  • "There's nothing to lose when you have nothing to gain..."
  • "Is this really what I wanted?"
  • "Do not beg for your life! Pay for it!!"
  • "I can't help but destroy everything in my sight!"
  • "The murderous intent flows through my body!"
  • "I'm going to stop your blood flow!"

Mark of the Millennium 2001[]

Before Finals[]


Win Quotes[]

  • "Victory is now life!"
  • "Do not beg for your life! Pay for it!!"
  • "There is nothing to lose when you have nothing to gain..."
  • "I'm going to stop your blood flow!"
  • "I can't help but destroy everything in my sight!"
  • "Is this really what I wanted?"
  • "The murderous intent flows through my body!"
  • "To be the strongest warrior means to be the last one standing!"

Street Fighter IV series[]

Arcade Edition[]


  • "Violence is who I am!"


  • "My fists call out for blood!"
  • "The power of Satsui calls out for blood!"
  • "No one can stop me... no one!"
  • "Your life will be over soon!"

Attack Quotes[]

  • "Meet your destruction!"
  • "Your pain feeds me!"
  • "Yes... YES!"
  • "Your life is mine!"
  • "I'll tear you apart!"
  • "No way!"
  • "I smell blood!"
  • "You're as good as dead!"
  • "Here I come!"
  • "Witness the power of Satsui!"
  • "The Satsui No Hado is inside me!"
  • "The power is the only goal worth pursuing."
  • "No use!" (If Evil Ryu recovers)
  • "What's this?!" (If Evil Ryu got tag throwed or missed throw)
  • "You're finished!" (Ex meter)


  • "More! I need more blood!"

Personal Actions[]

  • "Draw your final breath."
  • "Messatsu!"
  • "Face your doom!"
  • "I have awoken at last!"
  • "Such weakness demands a swift death!"
  • "Huh! Pitiful fool."
  • "Are you frightened?"
  • "I'll bathe in your putrid blood!"
  • "Is this what I truly seek...?"


  • Evil Ryu: "Nnngh...What was I thinking? I was so confused. But now... This is it. This Hado, it... it grants me power. Incredible power! My name is Ryu. And the ultimate power has awakened within me!"

Rival Dialogue (unused)[]

  • Gouken: "I always feared this would come to pass."
  • Evil Ryu: "I no longer need a master! I'll grind your bones to dust!"
  • Gouken: "Failure or not, you are my pupil."
  • Gouken: "It is time for me to take responsibility and put an end to this!"

Other Quotes[]

  • Evil Ryu: "YOU'RE DEAD!" (Evil Ryu activates Ultra Combo)
  • Gouken: "Well, that will awake you from your slumber!" (Gouken activates Ultra)
  • Evil Ryu: "Witness my true power!" (Super Combo finished)
  • Evil Ryu: "I have finally arrived." (Match Start)
  • Gouken: "Never thought you would fall to this." (Match Start)
  • Evil Ryu: "Power.... is the only goal worth pursuing!." (Evil Ryu gets the first attack)
  • Gouken: "I cannot lose to you!" (Gouken gets the first attack)
  • Evil Ryu: "I'll destroy you!" (When the Focus Attack connects)
  • Evil Ryu: "Too slow!"
  • Evil Ryu: "Stop running!"
  • Evil Ryu: "I want more!"
  • Evil Ryu: "I can feel the power!"
  • Gouken: " Not today, Evil one! "
  • Evil Ryu: "The Satsui no Hado!"
  • Gouken: "I can't let you drag on!"
  • Evil Ryu: "Old man!"
  • Evil Ryu: "I'll send you to hell!" (When Gouken is on low health)
  • Gouken: "I will not give up so easily."
  • Evil Ryu: "So old. " (Gouken is stun)
  • Evil Ryu: "Run before I finish you!" (Evil Ryu ends the round normally)
  • Gouken: "You are no pupil of mine." (Gouken ends the round normally)
  • Evil Ryu: "Witness my true power!" (Evil Ryu ends with a Super Combo)
  • Evil Ryu: "You're finished! BEGONE! " (Evil Ryu ends with an Ultra Combo)


  • Shadaloo Grunt One: "Hold it!"
  • Shadaloo Grunt Two: "You're coming with us. Bison has summoned you!"
  • Evil Ryu: "Grrrr..."
  • (Evil Ryu powers up)
  • Shadaloo Grunt Two: "Wh-what the-!?"
  • Evil Ryu: "Ngaaah!"
  • Shadaloo Grunt Two: "Waaaah!"
  • Evil Ryu: "Ah... Aaaaah..."
  • (Evil Ryu attacks the grunts)
  • Evil Ryu: "And yet I am not sated!"
  • Evil Ryu: "More blood! More violence!"
  • Evil Ryu: "This Hado wants a fight to the death! Nothing less!"

Pre-fight Quotes (as a boss)[]

  • "Enough of your petty concerns! Lost memories and family laments have no place here!"
  • "Foolishness! Neither man nor beast can stand up to me!"
  • "Little one... It will take more than speed to topple me!"
  • "You will be defeated. Justice means nothing to a demon!"
  • "Come, prisoner. I shall unleash you from your bonds, forever!"
  • "You want to test me? Then step forth and taste pure evil!"
  • "How dare you!? You worm. You deserve only death!"
  • "The rhythm of your heart... I will taste your blood before the day is done!"
  • "Flames of a god? Let us see how they compare to a demon!"
  • "Pride is a human trait. And I am no longer subject to such weakness!"
  • "All will fail. No matter who stands against me."
  • "Step forward. We shall see who will dine on whose bones!"
  • "Satsui no Hado... Only one man can possess such power!"
  • "Stop me? Death will welcome you with a cold embrace!"
  • "Bushinryu? Your art cannot compete against me!"
  • "This won't take long. I'll soon know just how weak you are, girl!"
  • "It's over, Ken. Now, not even you can stop me!"
  • "The evil you serve cannot help you. Your defeat has been predestined."
  • "So, this is it. The final battle shall be waged between demons!"
  • "Destiny? My fists make their own destiny."
  • "I have no use for talk. If you wish to challenge me, let our fists do the talking!"
  • "This is it! If I defeat myself, I am complete!"
  • "Meaning? Philosophy is meaningless to me."
  • "Your imitations disgust me. They are no match for the Hado I now possess!"
  • "The power of nature? Nature trembles before my unholy might!"
  • "Such tediousness. It will not delay your destruction!"
  • "Foolish child! Time to shut your mouth! Show me what you're made of."
  • "Those muscles of yours will soon lie in a quivering mass!"

Win Quotes[]

Round Win[]

  • "I am now complete!"
  • "Victory means utter destruction!"
  • "I have achieved greatness!"
  • "My potential has been unleashed!"
  • "This blood calls to my soul..." (Time Over)

Versus Mode[]

  • "The only ones who call for me are the voices of the dead."
  • "I can see clearly now. I shall devour all!"
  • "To destroy, devour and decimate... that is all I long for!"
  • "True power is in my grasp, but why am I not yet sated?"
  • "You can hear them, can you not? The voices of the dead welcome you."
  • "Run, weaklings! Lest you perish before my fist!"
  • "For now, I am satisfied. But I soon shall require another sacrifice."
  • "If you still draw breath, stand and face me again!"
  • "Sink into the depths of Hell!"
  • "Blood..."
  • "It's over."

Arcade Mode[]

  • "No need to seek answers now. Death holds all that you seek."
  • "Your spirit dies here, old one. By my fist!"
  • "Such weakness disgusts me. Prepare to meet your maker!"
  • "They say a man is most volatile when facing his own death. Is it true?"
  • "Your curiosity has only served to lead you to your death."
  • "Even after disposing of you, I fear your smell shall linger for too long."
  • "All that will remain are the echoes of your pitiful death whimper, worm!"
  • "I need no deity. This fist will destroy all!"
  • "You do not deserve to be called a champion with that power."
  • "I will crush whoever stands before me!"
  • "Merely an illusion? A test of the Satsui no Hado!"
  • "Invincible? You have no idea what real power is!"
  • "I shall send you to nirvana." (Playable form)
  • "I no longer have a use for you. Goodbye, "master"." (Boss form)
  • "You cannot even lay a scratch on me."
  • "Take a look around, for this world will soon crumble before your eyes!"
  • "Your naivety has lead to your defeat."
  • "There is nothing you can say, Ken, and nothing you can do."
  • "I'll grind your pathetic ambitions beneath my heel!"
  • "Is this all you have? Your recklessness has proven to be your downfall."
  • "You may see the future, but you cannot change it."
  • "Let me extinguish all confusion, Ryu. Become one with the Satsui No Hado!"
  • "There is no answer in the heart of battle. There is only power."
  • "The man you pursue is dead. I shall send you to him in due time."
  • "Now I shall destroy you and return you to dust!"
  • "This is the power of the Earth?"
  • "Did you think I would spare you?"
  • "You cannot possibly hope to predict my next movement, child."
  • "How does it feel to experience the power of the Satsui no Hado?"

Ultra Street Fighter IV[]

Pre-fight quotes as a boss[]

  • "This won't take long. I'll soon know just how weak you are, girl!"
  • "All will fail. No matter who stands against me."
  • "Such tediousness. It will not delay your destruction!"

Arcade Mode[]

  • "Resistance is futile! I shall feast upon your soul, you miserable fool!"
  • "Friends!? Try looking for them in the underworld!"
  • "When all is said and done, you are just a pile of meat and bones. Die!"
  • "Who dares challenge the Satsui no Hado in heels?! You earned this death!"
  • "How can you rule a country if you cannot protect yourself in battle?"

Asura's Wrath[]

Evil Ryu: "Now this is more like it!"

Asura: "Bring it on, you bastard!"

Evil Ryu: "Messatsu!"

Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers[]

Win Quotes[]

  • "I'll put an end to the beating of your feeble heart!"
  • "A match as worthless as this is a far cry from the true blood match I seek..."
  • "You're weak...too weak to exist! You must pay for your weakness with death!"
  • "My power will destroy all!"
  • "This... THIS is my power! No one can stop me!"


  • Evil Ryu: "Messatsu!"
  • M. Bison: "I-Impossible!"
  • M. Bison: "To think that my power would yield to the likes of you..."
  • Evil Ryu: "This is nothing... Defeating weaklings isn't enough for me now."
  • Evil Ryu: "Your feeble power does nothing for me... Nothing to sate my unquenchable thirst!"
  • Evil Ryu: "My blood... it yearns for power!"
  • Evil Ryu: "Woooohhh!!!"
  • Evil Ryu: "I feel it! The power that will take me to new heights... The power to destroy anything!"
  • Evil Ryu: "Now... where is the demon that is worth a fight to the death?"