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Excel is a gameplay mechanic present in Street Fighter EX2 and Street Fighter EX2 Plus.

All appearances Punch + Kick of different strength

Description[edit | edit source]

Excel combos require one level of the Super Combo Gauge and are similar in concept and function to the Custom Combos seen in the Street Fighter Alpha series. Excel mode is initiated by pressing a punch and a kick button together that are of different strengths (e.g. Light punch + Medium kick. Any combination will work, and they can be initiated in the air as well. When initiated, the background will change, and the user will increase in speed tremendously for a short period of time (roughly 5 to 8 seconds). The player will be able to perform multiple moves in rapid succession with no pause between them (that is to say, every move will cancel into any other move, including Super Combos).

In Street Fighter EX2, the player could not cancel a move into the same move in Excel mode, requiring them to do a different move instead. This was changed in Street Fighter EX2 Plus, where any move could be canceled into itself.

Though Excel does not return in Street Fighter EX3, Shin-Bison can combo his attacks in a similar manner.

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