Cammy in her Cannon Spike costume as an Extra Battle Mode opponent.

Extra Battle Mode is a game mode in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. This mode allows the player to spend Fight Money to participate in special time exclusive challenges against various opponents for a chance to earn rewards, such as additional fight money and EXP, special titles, Fortune Tickets for Fighting Chance, and premium exclusive costumes and colors.

Extra Battle opponents[edit | edit source]

Quick & Immovable[edit | edit source]

Example of an outfit only obtainable through Quick and Immovable. Laura in her Gloria outfit.

Outfits won through quick and immovable do not come with all colors, here the option to purchase from Playstation Network is shown.

Fighting EX Layer Collaborate Battle[edit | edit source]

Fortune Tickets[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Videos[edit | edit source]

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