This article is about the Extra Joy mechanic. You may be looking for Special Attack in regards to the Japanese name for this mechanic, "Hissatsu Waza".

Extra Joy, also known as a Super Attack (必殺技 Hissatsu Waza?, Sure-Killing Art), Super Move, and Mega Crash (メガクラッシュ?), is a gameplay mechanic in the Final Fight games.

Description Edit

In Final Fight, all the characters have an attack that consumes part of their life, but which in turn makes a special attack that hits either direction.

By pressing the jump and attack button together, the character will make a single attack that can attack enemies in any direction. Since then, it has been a very common element in many beat 'em up games, including those not made by Capcom.

Many characters from Final Fight who appear playable in the Street Fighter games bring their Extra Joy as a Special Attack (e.g. Guy's Bushin Senpukyaku, Cody's Double Kick).

Extra Joys Edit

Tactics Edit

All Extra Joys serve to do the same thing: escape from enemy pressure. However, if the attack connects, the character will lose a small amount of life.

If a character's life is at the end of the lifebar, Extra Joys cannot be used.

Trivia Edit

Usfiv-omega-cody-3 mega crash

Cody's Mega Crash.

  • Cody is the only playable Final Fight character in the Street Fighter games who does not bring his Extra Joy as a Special Attack. But in Ultra Street Fighter IV's Omega Mode, Cody has the Mega Crash and Final Combination again.
  • None of the characters from Final Fight who were not playable but appear in the Street Fighter games (Poison, Rolento, Hugo, Sodom) do not have a "Extra Joy" inspired special attack.
  • The name Mega Crash is also used in the Tatsunoko vs. Capcom video game for a combo breaker mechanic; adding to this call-back, it also uses up a portion of the user's life to execute.

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