Février (フェヴリエ Fevurie?, "February") is one of the members working for The Dolls who are trained by Shadaloo as M. Bison's assassins and bodyguards. Her name is French for February.


Originally from France, Février specializes in using firearms, such as submachine guns and shotguns, and also grenades. She fights in the frontlines, although she isn't good in close range combat. She also fears nothing, except for Enero when she is angry.


Street Fighter V delves further into her personality, depicting her as an overall angry individual devoid of manners, perhaps reflected by her preference of weapon. She seems to prefer to solve her problems with insults and a handful of bullets.


A unique trait of Février's is that her hair color changes with each appearance; her hair is pink in Street Fighter Alpha 3, dark orange in the Super Street Fighter IV OVA, and brown in Street Fighter V.


Street Fighter VEdit

A Shadow FallsEdit

In the events of A Shadow Falls, she joins the other Dolls in a counterattack on the Shadaloo base's assailants; she finds her adversary Birdie ugly and, disgusted by his appearance, relentlessly barrages him with insults and bullets but, thanks to Birdie's chains around his arms, he remains unfazed as their fight begins. Février loses her fight horribly and throws one last insult at Birdie before dropping unconscious.

Fighting style Edit

Février's fighting style mirrors that of the other Dolls, being fairly agile and having access to impressive combos, but not entirely impressive on defense.

Most dolls have only one special, and in Février's case, it involves the use of her Psycho Power-infused Uzi to shoot foes at mid range (despite being a gun, its range is actually rather poor). She is able to angle the shot low, medium, or high, perhaps determined by her AI using the light, medium, or heavy "button". She can combo into all versions of this move except the EX version. The EX does much more damage on its own, gradually covers a wide range in front of her, and is safer on block than the move's other versions.

Trivia Edit

  • Although unplayable, Février is the only known character in the main games to use a firearm as a weapon.





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