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FFB is Balrog's second V-Skill in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Medium punch+Medium kick


Executed by pressing Medium Punch and Medium Kick simultaneously, Balrog covers up and bobs from side-to-side several times until his upper body burst with steam, amplifying his next Dash Straight.


This move has a total of 50 frames. Balrog can cancel FFB from his Screw Smash on hit and block. He can also cancel into his second V-Skill from his OTB and Under Impact target combos. Once the entire animation of his V-Skill is finished, his next Dash Straight becomes enhanced. It hits the opponent three times and inflicts slightly more damage than the regular version. While the amount of stun dealt is decreased, the amplified Dash Straight knocks down, and also launches the opponent high enough for Balrog to follow up with a Light or EX Dash Straight. When Balrog's first V-Trigger is active, the chained Dash Straights deal more damage, have better corner carry, and are plus on block.

While enhanced, Dash Straight can be performed by simply tapping back to forward without having to charge. This gives Balrog a much stronger fullscreen presence, helping him buffer normals into Dash Straight and turn distant whiff punishes and light hit-confims into conversions with incredible corner carry.

On block, Dash Straight is +2 for the regular versions and +4 for the EX version. Thanks to his positioning and frame advantage, Balrog can maintain offensive pressure by frame trapping his opponent with normals or going for a throw. When his second V-Trigger is active, Balrog can do an enhanced Dash Straight on block and still be in range to slip in his command grab.

Balrog's first V-Skill gives him a way to slip past projectiles and go for throw-resets or overheads with KKB, making him better at rushing his opponent and going for mix-ups. However, FFB makes Balrog's gameplay slower yet safer with the many improvements to his Dash Straights. Without the need to charge, his neutral game, as well as the ability to whiff punish and hit-confirm, are significantly improved.