Father Bella

Father Bella

Father Bella is the final boss of Final Fight: Streetwise. He is the mastermind of the GLOW outbreak in Metro City and is also revealed to be the brother of the late Belger.


Under the guise of a priest, Bella forced Chang to make GLOW in an attempt to take over the city and become its "savior", cleansing it of all sinners. His accomplices are: Nicky Wissell, who would distribute GLOW throughout the city, Blades, who stopped and otherwise killed anyone who interfered with the plan, including his former boss, Vito Bracca, and Devin Aranoc. The Stiff, Fr. Bella's former lead henchman, got him in touch with Cody. Father Bella provided Cody with GLOW so that he could fight again, but Cody eventually became addicted and out of control.

Cody got so crazed while hooked on GLOW, Bella sent Blades to kill him, but interference from Kyle, Cody's brother, put an end to that. With more GLOW being made by Dr. Chang, Father Bella created his version of the "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse": Weasel, Blades and Stiff as War, Famine and Death respectively, and a monstrous beast made by Chang called Pestilence. After further interference from Kyle Travers killing the Stiff, Fr. Bella made Cody his replacement as Death.

After defeating the other three Horsemen, Kyle faces the visibly-changed Cody and sadistic Fr. Bella. Bella tells Kyle that he sought revenge for the death of his brother at Cody’s hands by having Cody (as Death) kill Kyle. Initially Cody fights by himself, but Fr. Bella starts using grenades, a pistol, a bazooka and a sword to fight, injecting more GLOW into Cody if he has fallen.

After a tumble from the roof of Bella's church, Kyle finally puts an end to Fr. Bella's madness by shooting him in the head at point blank range. Before dying, Bella states himself to be Kyle's savior, but Kyle replies that he is nothing.


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