"You must learn to block or my speed will always overcome you!"
—Fei Long (Super Street Fighter II)
"There is no way you can ever knock me out! (お前に俺を倒すことはできない! Omae ni ore o taosu koto wa dekinai!?)"
—Fei Long (Street Fighter IV series)

Fei Long (フェイロン Fei Ron?, Traditional Chinese: 飛龍) is a video game character from the Street Fighter series, first appearing in Super Street Fighter II. He is an action film star from Hong Kong who enters tournaments to test his skill as a martial artist.



Fei-Long is Capcom's tribute to the Wing Chun and Jeet Kune Do movie legend Bruce Lee. Not only do the two look alike and come from the same city, Fei-Long also lets out similar battle cries to Lee, and is just as furious and fast. Also, Fei Long (飛龍) is Chinese for "flying dragon", as well as a type of kick. Bruce Lee's Chinese screen name was 李小龍 (Li Xiaolong in Mandarin and Lee Siu-lung in his preferred Cantonese); the latter two characters meaning "little dragon".

There are a few differences between Fei Long and Lee; Bruce Lee lived in the USA as an adult and had an American wife, whereas Fei Long has no apparent connection to the USA and is to this date, not shown to be married or in a relationship. Also, although he is seen using them in one of his Super Street Fighter II win poses and on some of his artworks, Fei Long, unlike Bruce Lee, never actually uses nunchucks as a weapon or a special move in any of the Street Fighter games, cartoons or movies.

Fei Long was one of the earliest Bruce Lee-inspired characters in fighting games, after Kim Dragon from World Heroes and Liu Kang from Mortal Kombat, but predating Hon Fu from Fatal Fury, Marshall Law and his son Forest Law from the Tekken series (additionally, in Street Fighter X Tekken, some characters even mistake Marshall Law for Fei Long in their win quotes).

Other notable Bruce Lee-based characters include Li Long and Maxi from the Soul series, Jann Lee from the Dead or Alive series and Long from Xuan Dou Zhi Wang. Fei Long also bears a notable resemblance to Kenshiro from the Fist of the North Star manga and anime series.

In Street Fighter Alpha 3, Fei Long's story plot is related to Robert Clouse's Game of Death, which included Bruce Lee (only for the finale fight scenes though). The plot is similar because they both have a syndicate trying to make the main character join them.

In his ending for Super Street Fighter II, he directly references Bruce Lee and his son Brandon Lee when he says "There can never be another legend like the great one and his son" (this reference is not present in the Japanese version). Also, Bruce Lee's statue can be seen when the students are training.[4]


Fei Long is very serious most of the time with a calm exterior. The best example of this is in his rival fight against Abel, where he is shown to be in a normal mood at first, but all of a sudden loses his temper just as the Frenchman asks him for a fight twice. He is full of fighting spirit and takes great pride in his fighting style Hitenryu, which he seeks to honor in all ways possible: He despises all that is evil.

Fei Long also enjoys a good match; although he is a famous martial arts movie actor, he still takes his time to appear at underground fighting areas to find a worthy opponent to spar with (which can be seen in Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie). There are also times when Fei Long is shown to be a little cocky; this can be seen by many of his personal actions and also win quotes against certain characters.


Allies Edit

Abel Edit

Abel is a massive fan of Fei Long and his movies. In Fei Long's rival battle, he asks him for the honour of fighting him. He lost, but both had fun nonetheless. Abel later shows up at his studio to warn him about Shadaloo in Fei Long's ending.



A youthful and talented man from Hong Kong, Fei Long began training in Kung Fu from the age of six, eventually developing his own form, and fought on the streets to sharpen his skills until he caught the eye of a movie director, who got him into the movie business.

Street Fighter Alpha 2Edit

He can be seen within the streets of Hong Kong in Dan Hibiki's stage watching the fight.

Street Fighter Alpha 3Edit

Engaging in many street fights in search of inspiration, Fei Long attracts the attention of the criminal organization Shadaloo, which tries to recruit him by force, sending Balrog and Vega after him. After the destruction of the Psycho Drive, a film based on these events is put into production with Fei Long as the star, catapulting him into the big time and making him an international sensation.

Super Street Fighter IIEdit

He makes a string of action movies until he participates in the second World Warrior tournament. During the tournament, he realizes that he prefers the real thing over the staged, choreographed fight scenes in his movies, and gives up his career to disappear into the streets. Despite this, he soon returns to the world of cinema.

Super Street Fighter IV Edit

Fei Long returns to the world tournament stage after Shadaloo agents are suspected of attacking stage hands and co-stars in the movie he is working on. It transpires that the plot of the movie bears a dangerous resemblance to S.I.N. operations, which is what attracted their attention to the movie's cast and crew. During his journey, Fei Long encounters various fighters.

First, there is a young girl named Makoto who wants to fight Fei Long in order to build the reputation for her dojo. Fei Long, seeing great enthusiasm in the girl, agrees. He later encounters a man named Abel, who turns out to be an admirer of Fei Long and requests Fei Long to fight him, to which he also agrees. After their bout, Fei Long departs to continue his mandatory goal. Fei Long then faces and defeats the man behind the attack on his movie crew and the host of the tournament, Seth. When Fei-Long demands answers from Seth (or one of his copies), Seth replies that "sometimes the media can get too close to the truth". However, the conversation is interrupted when a kunai (a ninja throwing dagger) strikes Seth in the neck, killing him. Fei Long leaves the S.I.N building without answers.

When Fei Long returns to the set, however, he is confronted again by Abel. Abel, having heard that Fei Long plans to investigate further into S.I.N. and Shadaloo, wants to help and warn Fei Long of the danger. Fei Long replies that it's not a problem, wondering where to begin.[5]

Street Fighter VEdit

Although he's currently unplayable, in Rashid's character story, Fei Long is amongst the group of people whom Rashid communicates with through social media. His username is "FEILONG_DRAGON". He states that his new movie is opening, and enthusiastically requests that people go see it.

Cameo appearances Edit

Street Fighter: The Movie (arcade game)Edit

Fei Long was intended to be a playable character in this game, but couldn't appear due to time constraints. He was to be played by Kenya Sawada, who also played the original character Sawada. Though not playable, he does make a cameo appearance in the arcade game, as one of the characters than can appear chained up in the Dungeon stage, along with either E. Honda, Cammy or Chun-Li. Though both are shirtless and played by the same actor, it is clear that it is Fei Long because he has a different hairstyle and wears black pants, whereas Sawada wears gray camo pants.

Super Gem Fighter: Mini Mix Edit

Fei Long is seen in the noodle stage and in Felicia's ending.

Capcom Fighting Evolution Edit

Fei Long is seen in the Hong Kong stage.

Resident Evil SurvivorEdit

Fei Long appears in a poster in Resident Evil Survivor.[6]

Project × Zone Edit

Fei Long is mentioned in passing as Pai Chan's "movie pal", who gave her information about S.I.N. and Juri Han.


Street Fighter II: The Animated MovieEdit

Fei Long makes a minor appearance in the So-Shu sequence, where he evades the set of a film he is working on in order to watch an underground fighting tournament for entertainment. There, his eyes fall on Ryu, who was forced into the ring for criticizing the earlier fighters (although this is implied to be a fib from the bouncers) and who takes out the challenger with ease. Intrigued, Fei challenges Ryu and manages to land a few good hits, but Ryu eventually gains the upper hand and breaks Fei's arm. Enraged, Fei unleashes a Shienkyaku and hits Ryu directly in the chest, but Ryu surprises the actor with a quick recovery and takes him out with a Tatsumaki Senpukyaku.

Later, while strolling with Ryu through the streets, Fei realizes that Ryu is the man who beat Sagat a few years earlier, and feels more relieved about losing to him. Fei also mentions Sagat's induction into Shadaloo under M. Bison and gives Ryu a brief description about the syndicate. The two part ways as friends, with Fei implying a desire to fight Ryu again someday.

Street Fighter (film)Edit

Along with Akuma, Fei Long was the only original Street Fighter character not to appear in the Street Fighter movie, although it is assumed that the movie exclusive character Sawada is his replacement (although Akuma did appear in both games based on the movie, whereas Fei Long did not, as mentioned above).

Street Fighter II VEdit

As in the games' continuity, Fei-Long is an up-and-coming martial arts film star, only presented as 17 years old and a fellow pupil of Chun-Li under her father, Inspector Dorai. Fei first appears in China where he causes trouble by injuring various stuntmen during a fight scene on a film set, enraging the director (the same man from the animated movie). Despite being told that it is merely a film, Fei-Long still yearns for a worthy challenge, and claims that a true fight will make the film more realistic. When Ryu, Ken and Chun-Li pay a visit, Fei suggests that one of them play the role of the villain, and Ken is selected, but Fei and Ken's subsequent fight gets out of hand and they begin destroying the set by accident. The director, initially impressed by the fight, finally calls it off when Ken scores a direct hit on Fei. Despite being bruised, Fei accepts defeat gracefully and vows to fight both Ryu and Ken someday.

Later on in the series, Fei-Long pays a visit to Barcelona to visit his friends, and sees a news bulletin of Dorai's apparent murder at Shadowlaw's hands. The news shocks Fei greatly and he breaks down, confessing that he loved Dorai more than his own father. The Chief of Interpol, Barrack, consoles Fei and reveals to him in secret that Dorai is still alive, but barely, and the news of his survival has been covered up in order to protect him. Fei resolves to protect Dorai, and ends up battling the assassin, Cammy, when she arrives to finish the job. During the fight, however, Cammy reveals that she was unaware she was working for Shadowlaw. Fei and Cammy work with Barrack to catch Interpol's mole, Balrog, and once Balrog is subdued, Fei and Barrack travel to M. Bison's base in order to arrest him. They arrive just as Ryu and Ken defeat Bison once and for all.

Street Fighter cartoonEdit

Fei Long makes an appearance in two episodes and he befriends Guile Ryu and Ken. In the episode The Hand That Feeds You Guile acts as a stunts man for Fei Long's movie while undercover to bust drug smugglers in Hong Kong. Fei Long agrees to help take them down in exchange for Guile helping him with his chi force. Whilst they were searching for information Fei Long later learns that his former producer and friend Raymond Wang was involved with the smugglers and used the money to finance Fei Long's movies. Enraged Fei Long was able to use his chi force and destroy the lab as well as save the prisoners. Among the prisoners was Ryu's cousin and her friend.

The second episode So, You Want to be in Pictures Fei Long's investors had withdrew their support from his movie due to fact that he's making it about the Triad. Since Ryu felt that he owed Fei Long a favor for helping them save his cousin, he asked Ken to get in touch with his father to fund Fei Long's movie. As part of the arrangement, Ken would become executive producer of the film and would make changes to the film, much to Fei Long's dismay. Eventually, fame would go to Ken's head and would make Fei Long even more angry. The two would end up coming to blows and it ended with Ken destroying the set. Realizing the huge mistake he made, Ken would once again have his father make some calls (which was his intent all along, to teach Ken a lesson on responsibility) for Fei Long so that he could get a starring role back in Hong Kong, which would reconcile their friendship.


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Fighting styleEdit

Fei Long's fighting style is a form of kung fu derived from Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do; in one of his Street Fighter IV win quotes, he refers to it as Hitenryu.


Hitenryu focuses on a variety of acrobatic kicks and rigid strikes, which gives him a powerful up-close frame trap-and-pressure playstyle that allows him to "bob and weave" in the neutral game with solid pokes (as well as to gap-close if needed). However, aside from his weakness of lacking far-range and projectiles, Fei Long also has difficulties trying to get solid conversions off of his crouching attacks, in spite of some of those said attacks such as his crouching HP having solid range (since it cannot be cancelled into anything).

He has two special techniques in his debut appearance in Super Street Fighter II: the Rekkaken, a series of rushing punches, and the Shienkyaku, a jumping flame kick. This technique is also referred as the Rising Dragon Leg, due to its similarity with Ryu and Ken's Shoryuken ("Rising Dragon Fist") and its similar input command. The Rekkukyaku, a later addition in the Street Fighter II games, is a technique in which Fei Long jumps towards the opponent with a spread kick. His Super Combo is the Rekkashinken, a more powerful version of the Rekkaken.

In Street Fighter Alpha 3, he retains all of his techniques and gains two new Super Combos in A-ism mode: the Shien Renkyaku, a more powerful Shienkyaku, and the Ryuu Yassai, a Level 3 Super Combo in which he punches an opponent and then uppercuts them into the air, followed by a jump kick.

In Street Fighter IV, Fei Long retains his old Rekkaken punches and Shienkyaku whilst gaining new moves such as the Tenshin. The Rekkukyaku is changed to a flying kick, which he then branches into a front flip kick. The Tenshin is a command grab that has Fei Long hook his leg to the opponents and flips over them. This move allows him to catch the opponent off guard and set up certain combos.

He retains his Rekkashinken Super Combo from Super Street Fighter II, and gains a new Ultra Combo called the Rekkashingeki, a more powerful variant that adds a flurry of punches after the third Rekkaken, and follows up with a flying flaming kick. In Super Street Fighter IV, Fei Long gains a second Ultra Combo called the Gekirinken; Fei Long counters certain attacks by delivering a hard jump kick to the back of the opponent's leg, followed by a barrage of fast and deadly punches. He then finishes them off with the one-inch punch.



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Sprites Edit

Fei Long/Sprites


  • In Street Fighter IV, one of Fei Long's win quotes are "Float like a moth, sting like a hornet". This is a reference/tribute to the quote said by the legendary late boxer Muhammed Ali which was "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee". It also combines the word hornet with the quote, further referencing Lee, who played Kato in The Green Hornet television series.
  • Fei Long's stage in Street Fighter Alpha 3 notably resembles the film set for Bruce Lee's movie Enter the Dragon.
    • His first alternate outfit in Street Fighter IV is of Bruce Lee's fight attire from the opening scene of Enter the Dragon.
  • His third alternate outfit in Super Street Fighter V resembles a suit that Bruce Lee often wore.
  • Fei Long and Cammy are the first characters to have a "Shoryuken" style attack that is done with a kick rather than with a punch.
  • Fei Long is among the only two characters in Super Street Fighter IV who have been given a counter Ultra, with the other character being Cammy.
  • Fei Long only eats Chinese food, according to his win quote against El Fuerte in Super Street Fighter IV. This is probably a nod to Bruce Lee's strict diet and personal like for Asian (particularly Chinese) cuisine.
  • Fei Long wears a top in his Super Street Fighter II and SSFII Turbo portrait, despite not wearing one in normal gameplay. This is done so the player selecting him can know what color they selected him on.
  • Though the black and yellow tracksuit that Bruce Lee wears in Game of Death does not appear in any of the games, Fei Long wears it in several issues of the UDON Street Fighter comic book and in Masahiko Nakahira's Cammy Gaiden manga.
  • Coincidentally, Fei Long's name read in the on'yomi render is "Hiryuu", which makes him share the exact same name (barring one rendered character difference) with one of Capcom's other charcaters, Strider Hiryu from the Strider series.


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