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Field of Fate is a stage that first appeared in Street Fighter Alpha 2, and was later released as a DLC stage in Street Fighter V. The stage itself is taken from the opening fight scene of Ryu and Sagat in the Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie.

The stage is a variant of the Temple of Ascension stage in Street Fighter V.


The stage takes place somewhere in Australia, in a grassy field; in the Animated Movie, a stretch of highway indicates that the road is out in the Outback. There is a turbulent and windy thunderstorm happening all around the combatants.


  • The stage's significance may lie in both its placing and use of symbolism: Australia is especially known in Japan to be the "navel" or "center of the world", and as such, as the navel being known as where one's core or tanden is located in martial arts, the area boasts a mana like power to it. In tiger and dragon artistic symbolism, it is often depicted that when the two clash in their fierce battles, the dragon gathers storming clouds filled with lightning, to represent the dark wrath of the heavens, while the tiger's roar summons wind, powerful enough to shake everything on the earth itself, including the densest of forests and meadows, used to represent the tiger's kingly reign over the extreme earthly domain of survival of the fittest.
  • While this stage is not banned for competitive play in Street Fighter V, some players choose not to play on this stage since it is somewhat difficult to gauge the right corner of the stage.
  • During CPT Online Events in 2020, Field of Fate is one of six stages to be banned. The others include Flamenco Tavern, Kanzuki Beach, Mysterious Cove, Skies of Honor, The Grid.