Fight money as it appears in Street Fighter V

Fight Money is an in-game currency in the Street Fighter series..

Street Fighter IV Edit

In Street Fighter IV, Balrog mentions the Fight Money when losing.

Street Fighter V Edit

In Street Fighter V, Fight Money are the primary in-game currency to buy fighters, stages, costumes, colors, titles and Fighter Profile designs. Fight Money is given as a reward for winning matches online (50 FM per match) as well as completing Daily Targets, ranging from 50 to 2500 FM. There are also rewards for leveling characters (1000 FM per level) and completing game modes though this is only a one time reward. Fight Money can also be rewarded by defeating the Extra Battle opponent(s).

Trivia Edit

  • The trophy achievement, "Priceless", requires the player to earn a total of 1 million Fight Money.
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