Fighting Chance is a bonus system, introduced in Ver.03.051 of the Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. Menat opens up her shop to tell the player their fortune.[1]

Description Edit

At the cost of 500 Fight Money, players can obtain one Fantasy Fortune Reading, which Menat can decipher. These readings contain multiple items, including some exclusive to Fighting Chance. In addition, players can also spend 4,500 Fight Money to receive 10 different readings.

Players can win an addition Fortune Ticket in Extra Battle Mode every week. Players can also obtain 10 readings by spending 10 Fortune Tickets, which can be earned by achieving high scores in Survival Mode. By achieving a specific target score in all four difficulties, players can earn up to 20 Fortune Tickets every month; five for each difficulty.

  • Easy: 500,000
  • Normal: 850,000
  • Hard: 1,500,000
  • Extreme: 2,200,000

Fantasy Fortune Reading Edit

By spending 500 Fight Money, players can obtain a single reading that contain various items, including some exclusive to Fighting Chance.

Alternate Costumes Edit


Cammy's Cannon Spike costume exclusive to Fighting Chance only.

In addition to different colors, players can spend Fight Money in hopes to obtain rare costumes that are only exclusive to Fighting Chance. Similar to costume colors, these rare costumes are available for a limited time only. Once the costume has been obtained, if a player receives the same costume, they will be refunded with an additional Fortune Ticket.

Here are the following costumes that can be obtained in Fighting Chance.

Colors Edit


Ryu's alternate color scheme.

Players can obtain new costume colors for their characters. These costumes include a character's default costume, and their story costume. The exclusive costume color from a character's default costume consists of mostly silver, while their story costume color ranges from various shades of green, depending on the character. These bonus colors are only available for a limited time only.

Classic Character Art Edit

Players can also receive classic pieces of Street Fighter artwork from across the series, containing 12 from Street Fighter I, 69 from Street Fighter II, 68 from Street Fighter Alpha, 35 from Street Fighter IIIand 63 from Street Fighter IV.

Battle Items Edit

Main article: Battle Item
Battle Items are special kind of boosts a player that can be used to assist their selected character to complete Survival Mode. Battle Items can be obtained by completing Survival Mode or through Fighting Chance.

Dojo Objects Edit

Dojo Objects are decorations to the Dojo stage.

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