Fighting Layer (ファイティングレイヤー Faitingu Reiyā?) is a 3D arcade fighting game developed by Arika and published by Namco. It was released exclusively in Japan in December 1998 and has neither been released overseas nor ported to home consoles nor PC.

Despite not officially being part of the Street Fighter series, the game has ties to the Street Fighter EX games (also developed by Arika); mainly through its gameplay and two EX fighters (Allen Snider and Blair Dame) who appear as playable characters.

A spiritual successor, Fighting EX Layer, was released in June 2018.


The gameplay system is similar to that of the Street Fighter EX games, with mechanics such as Super Cancels and Guard Breaks.


  • Original characters
    • Cappricio
    • Exodus
    • George Jensent
    • Hong Gillson
    • Janis Luciani
    • Jig Jid Bartol
    • Lan Yinghua
    • Shang Fenghuang
    • Sessyu Tsukikage
    • Tetsuo Kato
  • Hidden characters
    • Clemence Keliber
    • Joe Fendi
    • Preston Ajax
  • Final Boss
    • Vold Ignitio
  • CPU-Only Bonus Stage Opponents
    • Eagle
    • Knight
    • Shark
    • Tiger


  • In Street Fighter EX3, some of the moves Ace can use are originally from this game, such as the Galaxy (from Allen), Fairy Gift (from Blair) and Aragyouji (from Tetsuo Kato, one of the game's original characters).


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