Figure Collection (フィギュアコレクション?) is a game mode from Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition that consists of a collection of virtual figurines from the game's playable characters. By using 200 Figure Points (FP) in the Figure Slots, the player will gain a random Figure. FP is obtained by winning matches (being done faster in Player vs. CPU 7 rounds matches in the easiest difficulty and 0% handicap) or by trading Play Coins for 200 FP each. Figures can later be seen in an album and they can be traded with other players.

The feature also uses the Nintendo 3DS' StreetPass function to allow players to assemble a team of five Figures to participate in battles between other players. The combined level of the Figures in the team is limited to 20, and the player can customize Power, Defense, and Speed attributes. Their total of the three stats can't pass 300, and by default each is set to 100. Winning battles will grant extra FP.


The color and stats of the Figure obtained are random. The higher their level, the higher their base stats may be.

  • LV - The level of the figure. (1-7)
  • HP - The Figure's health.
  • AT - The Figure's attack power.
  • SC - Super Combo Gauge. (0-4)
  • UC - Ultra Combo Gauge. (0-2)
1Blue bottle cap5-4580-120
2Red bottle cap30-7080-120
3A black base with the world "Challenger."55-9380-120
4A pedestal with the "IV" plate80-12080-120
5A bronze trophy with a part shaped like "IV"82-12092-130
6A silver trophy with a part shaped like "IV"80-117100-140
7A golden trophy86-116113-140
?A Street Fighter IV action figure pack (password only)Fixed


Having 35 characters with 7 variations, there is a total of 245 Figures to collect. In addition with each having varying colors and the special password Figures, the total goes to over 2000 Figures (excluding all possible stats). However, the player can only have up to 500 Figures, so some may need to be discarted to give space for new Figures.

CharacterLV. 1LV. 2LV. 3LV. 4LV. 5LV. 6LV. 7Special Figures
KenSSF4LV1Ken2 34567 SSF4LV7KenS
Chun-Li123 4567 SSF4LV7Chun-LiS2SSF4LV7Chun-LiG
E. Honda1234567SSF4LV7EHondaS
BlankaSSF4LV1Blanka2 34567 SSF4LV7BlankaG
Zangief1234567 SSF4LV7ZangiefG
Guile1234567 SSF4LV7GuileG
Dhalsim1234567 SSF4LV7DhalsimS
M. Bison1234567 SSF4LV7MBisonG
C. Viper1234567
El Fuerte1234567
Akuma1234567 SSF4LV7AkumaSPSSF4LV7AkumaS
T. Hawk1234567
Fei Long1234567
Dee Jay1234567


By using case sensitive passwords, the player can obtain special Figures. Most have the characters colored all golden or silver, and a few are special Figures in a different pose. The passwords where distributed in 21 different shops for a limited time, each shop having a password for a specific Figure. Some passwords were also distributed in websites.[1][2][3] Passwords can only be used once per game, so traded or discarded Figures will not be recovered when used again.

imMbAAcbPHLV.6 Ryu (special)10912312 いつの間に通信 (2011/10/29)
KjckTnSbwKLV.7 Ryu (golden)11014011 Geo
DPrkMnybCdLV.7 Ryu (platinum)11214211 Capcom-Unity
NyosHgybuWLV.7 Ken (silver)11014011イトーヨーカドー・Seven Net
? Ken (golden) ?
? Ken (special) ?
LV.6 Chun-Li (Color 6)11913330いつの間に通信 (2011/12/03)
hjekwnEbxGLV.7 Chun-Li (silver)11013540Nintendo Power
tLWkWvrblzLV.7 Chun-Li (silver)10614221Tsutaya
zAAkcHVbHkLV.7 Chun-Li (golden)10513511Makuhari Messe
? Chun-Li (special) ?
uUDsTlmbUNLV.7 E.Honda (silver)9812521いつの間に通信(11/03/12)
DmdkeRvbxcLV.7 Blanka (golden)8011031いつの間に通信(11/03/05)
hinsVnebTuLV.7 Zangief (golden)11814002Bic Camera
qeJkznDbKELV.7 Guile (golden)10813540Wonder Goo
? Guile (special) ?
JKbsOVHbVCLV.5 Dhalsim (silver)11212812いつの間に通信(11/04/02)
PqUswOobWGLV.7 Vega (silver)10714311 Otakara Souko, Fammys
QWzkDXWbeHLV.7 Sagat (silver)11414520Imagine
EebkxqWbYJLV.7 M. Bison (silver)11414030 Game Informer
CgIsQNWbHuLV.7 M. Bison (golden)11114431Yamada Denki
xopknDzbqSLv.7 C. Viper (silver)10913721ゲームズマーヤ
nnhksyvbZyLV.7 Rufus (copper)10313811いつの間に通信(11/04/16)
mhikghwbsfLV.7 El Fuerte (silver)10513012宝島
wRqsWklbxTLV.7 Abel (golden)11012802いつの間に通信(11/04/23)
PkwkDjqbjaLV.7 Seth (golden)10114430いつの間に通信(11/05/14)
uQHkWgYbJCLV.7 Akuma (Arrange 2)8811842ZOZOEPROZE atmos LOGO TEE アレコス2カラー
RYSsPxSbThLV.7 Akuma (silver)9412432フタバ図書
GmPsKoYbZKLV.7 Akuma (golden)11614642いつの間に通信(12/05/12)
awvbqIDbWdLV.7 Gouken (silver)10813612いつの間に通信(11/08/13)
tWEsvzubizLV.7 T.Hawk (silver)11614021いつの間に通信(11/05/07)
dfukkvGbdtLV.7 Cammy (silver)10214421Rakuten Books
evSkTnQbwQLV.7 Cammy (Color 3)10813811いつの間に通信(12/01/14)
MzisXzabBFLV.7 Fei Long (silver)10414430100満ボルト・宝島王国
DaRkBPubLfLV.7 Dee Jay (silver)10314311いつの間に通信(11/06/11)
uzTsXzIbKnLV.7 Sakura (silver)10613821ソフマップ
GKkkXXtbSeLV.7 Rose (silver)10814021シータショップ・コムロード
kGzstOybxsLV.6 Gen (golden)10512802いつの間に通信(11/09/24)
rDRkkSIbqSLV.7 Dan (silver)10512831ゲームアーク
AjtsAbWbBDLV.7 Guy (silver)10814211メッセサンオー
ATjbYbObruLV.6 Cody (silver)11213521いつの間に通信(12/03/24)
naMkEQgbQGLV.7 Cody (silver)11014011メディアランド
tvfsYAPbDoLV.6 Ibuki (golden)10213822いつの間に通信(12/02/18)
ilMsRBabpBLV.7 Ibuki (silver)10714121古本市場
GHakWCTbslLV.7 Makoto (silver)11613031ヨドバシカメラ
ZRhsNTMbIALV.6 Dudley (platinum)9913211いつの間に通信(11/04/30)
jeNbhRXbFRLV.6 Adon (copper)10012122いつの間に通信(11/07/09)
rLPbyLgbUyLV.6 Hakan (silver)9611602いつの間に通信(11/04/09)
OfQkARpbJRLV.7 Juri (silver)10814021ジョーシン
vvlbccVbMkLV.7 Juri (Arrange 1)10312112楽天 atmos LOGO TEE


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