Final Combination (ファイナルコンビネーション Fainaru Konbineeshon) is one of Cody's special attacks, exclusive to the OMEGA Mode of Ultra Street Fighter IV. It is also Cody's target combo in Street Fighter V.

Input (All Appearances)
Slip Jab Arcade-Button-LPunchArcade-Button-LPunch
Crime Blow Arcade-Button-LPunchArcade-Button-LPunchArcade-Button-LPunch
Final Combination (Arcade-Stick-Right)+Arcade-Button-LPunchArcade-Button-LPunchArcade-Button-LPunchArcade-Button-LPunch
Followup: Fake Blow Arcade-Stick-Left+ Arcade-Button-LPunch (After 2nd hit of Final Combination)
Followup: Final Combo Throw Arcade-Stick-Down+Arcade-Button-LPunch (After 3rd hit of Final Combination)

Description Edit


Executed by pressing (forward and) Light Punch four times, and optionally making the move backwards over the punch light, Cody makes four punches at his opponent, as in Final Fight. This attack has two follow-up attacks. This move has 4 hits (and used some of the two follow-up attacks of Final Combination).

Fake Blow Edit

Executed by pressing back and Light Punch, after making Final Combination, Cody will turn backwards and perform a short punch before turning around again.

Final Combo Throw Edit

Executed by pressing down and Light Punch, after making Final Combination, Cody will perform a throw (like his throw in Final Fight) that will launch the opponent across the screen.

Tactics Edit

Cody can not do any of the two attacks and make Final Combination several times in a row.

Final Uppercut Edit

The player can cancel this attack and then use almost any of Cody's EX Special Moves as well as Final Destruction or Last Dread Dust (this will not go into the cinematic camera of the Ultra Combo). 

Final Combo Throw Edit

The attack is just good for doing more damage on the opponent than the other.

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