Journal entries from Final Fight: Streetwise.

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Thursday, 8:15 PMPit fight tonight!
Match against Handsome Bob at 9:30!

Bob will be out for blood. Locksmith kicked his ass Monday.

IMPORTANT: This guy plays dirty...but who doesn't?! Just remember: If he's down, doesn't mean he's OUT!

Thursday, 10:42 PMBob's history!
Handsome Bob officially dropped like a sack o' shit.

NOTE TO SELF: Apologize to his wife for rearranging his face!

TO DO: Meet Cody at Barfly.

Thursday, 11:26 PMAnother barfight!
Here we go again! Shit, Vanessa's gonna be pissed!

This one's fishy, though. 'Stiff'?!!!

TO DO: Find out who the hell this 'Stiff' is. And what's his beef with Cody?!

Friday, 11:14 AMWhere's Cody?!
Cody...kidnapped?! What's this shit all about?!!! That Stiff's gonna pay!

TO DO: Check local Metro Diner for any leads. (Stiff dropped matchbook from there.)

Friday, 12:38 PMThe Weasel
Vera saw Stiff with Nicky Wissell. That twerp The Weasel's in on this?!

TO DO: Pay visit to Weasel at his porn theater.

NOTE TO SELF: Don't eat at diner anymore! (Roached eggs, anyone?!)

Friday, 2:20 PMThe Weasel rats
The little shit says the Stiff's at the old warehouse, by the diner.!

NOTE TO SELF: Check out new Betty Boulders flick.

TO DO: Pick up an extra match at the fight club? (Could use the cash.)

Friday, 3:08 PMAmbushed!
I gotta admit,
That Weasel is quick!
But after his Blue Ballers,
I'll get that prick!

NOTE TO SELF: Forget the poetry. Not cool.

Friday, 8:45 PMLocal help
One thing's for sure: that Weasel won't mess with ME again!

Vanessa says to check with 2-ill. Can't hurt, I guess. He's probably hangin' by the train station.

TO DO: Also couldn't hurt to hit the gym first!

Friday, 9:18 PMTo the Pier District
Can I trust 2-ill? I DID just save his ass...he just better be right about this Bijou Hotel.

TO DO: Catch next train to Pier District.

NOTE TO SELF: Keep 2-ill in mind. Could help later.

Friday, 9:34 PMBijou Hotel
Pier District. Bijou Hotel. Yeah, I know the place. Stayed there one night with...what was her name? Doesn't matter...FOCUS, Kyle!

Gotta be a BACK DOOR to the place.

IMPORTANT!: STAY ALERT! This place could be a handful!

Friday, 9:51 PMClosing in on the Stiff
That jackass is on the top floor. Let's pay him a friendly little visit.

BEWARE!: The place is probably swarming with goons. Use your head, Kyle!

NOTE TO SELF: Use fire escapes, if necessary.

Friday, 10:26 PMTime for answers!
Long haul to get here...but it's gonna be worth it! The Stiff is mine!

TO DO: Need answers...NOW! Get Stiff to talk, at all costs!

NOTE TO SELF: Why's that damn bible so important?!

Saturday, 10:55 AMLittle Italy connection?
Cody, pit-fighting in Little Italy?| Bullshit! And mixed up with some crazy street drug?! No way!

TO DO: Need to have a chat with this Vito Bracca character in Little Italy.

NOTE TO SELF: Hit the gym first?

Saturday, 12:23 PMVito Bracca
Ahh, Little Italy. Sgt. Sims says it's gettin' ugly, but it seems peaceful to me.

Vito's got a restaurant. Good pasta...but I ain't so hungry right now.

TO DO: Talk to Vito. Don't take any shit!

Saturday, 1:11 PMVito's 'family'
Whoa! First I put the hammer down on the Stiff's goons, now I gotta deal with Vito's?! Hmmm, whatever it takes...

TO DO: Get Vito to put the fork down and TALK!

Saturday, 1:58 PMPit fightin'
Pit fight in exchange for info on Cody? Piece o' cake! Vito's playing right into my hands.

I've heard of this guy. 'Ghost', they call him. He's got this Muay Thai kick-boxing thing goin'. Hmm...I'm always up for a new challenge.

IMPORTANT: Word is you can't block his low kick. Just gotta avoid it.

Saturday, 3:38 PMWild goose chase?
Vanessa says to see Madam Celeste. That's just fuckin' crazy! Then again, this WHOLE THING is fuckin' crazy!

TO DO: See the psychic, by the porn theater.

NOTE TO SELF: Check fight club. (Feel like bustin' someone's head open.)

Saturday, 4:42 PMPsychic's tip
Cody's apartment! Of course! But how does she know he lives by the diner?! Isn't THIS interesting?!

TO DO: Search Cody's apartment.

NOTE TO SELF: Might want to check in with that Celeste again. Who knows? Could be somethin' TO that card game.

Saturday, 6:41 PMFinding Haggar
2-ill says Haggar's at Pier 15. Isn't that the old boatyard with the high fence?

NOTE TO SELF: Can't hurt to dig around this district a little. There's something strange in the air...

BEWARE!: Don't forget how tough the local Pier gangs are!

Saturday, 7:33 PMHaggar...HERE?!
'Mike's Maritime Maintenance'? Mike HAGGAR?! I knew the ol' mayor was layin' low these days, but...

Looks like I've gotta look around a bit before I meet The Man himself.

BEWARE!: Got a feeling there's trouble nearby...

Saturday, 8:02 PMLearning from a legend
Learn some moves?! You kiddin' me?! I'd be a fool not to learn all I can from THE Mike Haggar!

IMPORTANT: Get this shit down! Something tells me I'll need it!

NOTE TO SELF: Gotta come back here, when I can. Haggar's clearly got a lot to offer!

Saturday, 9:12 PMAnother shot
Guess I got ol' Vito all wrong, so I'm paying him another visit. He's agreed to give me another shot to prove myself. Thanks to Haggar, I think I'm ready.

Just my luck I'd be thrown in with Andore. This guy's a bit of a legend himself!

IMPORTANT!: Andore's a notorious grappler. Stay clear of his grasp!

Saturday, 9:55 PMBijou revisited
Andore was tough, but I handled him. Damn, I'm good!

Vito's confirmed Cody fought for him. Also that he's mixed up with this 'glow' shit. Not sure I believe THAT.

TO DO: Need to see if I can find out more at that rat-hole Bijou Hotel.

NOTE TO SELF: Might be able to catch more matches at Vito's club later. ($$$)

Saturday, 10:31 PM(no subject)
DAMMIT! Saw Cody, but he got away! His EYES!...He looked like those freaks in the hotel! And that jump he made...!!!


OK. Calm down, Kyle. Cody dropped the other half of that damn photo. Shows some guy with a badass tattoo.

TO DO: See Paco (local tattoo artist) about that tattoo.

Saturday, 11:40 PMJapantown
The tattoo is Lou The Skin's handiwork. His tattoo parlor is close.

This better pan out, or I'll kick Paco's ass.

TO DO: Find Lou, and ask him about the guy in the picture.

Saturday, 11:58 PMAnother headache
Ain't THIS a bitch?! Seems more trouble is around every fuckin' corner!

As Vanessa would say, this is some SERIOUS SHIT! Who ARE these guys?! Gotta be extra careful here.

TO DO: Survive this mess...then find out who the ringleader is here.

NOTE TO SELF: No Christmas card for Lou this year.

Sunday, 12:51 PMUnder siege!
Damn! Whoever's behind this has got balls, I'll give 'em that! Not even Guy's immune!

TO DO: Get the hell outta here alive!!!

NOTE TO SELF: Wasn't that Blades? Vito's boy?! What the...?!!!

Sunday, 12:56 PMVito's a dead man!
Yeah, that WAS Blades! So much for trusting Vito!

TO DO: ENOUGH OF THIS SHIT!!! I'm comin' for ya, Vito! Better have some extra clam sauce with that last plate of linguini!

Sunday, 5:03 PMChurch visit
All right, so Vito's at the local church. You better be prayin', you sorry piece o'...

Will I ever get to the bottom of this mess?!

NOTE TO SELF: Call health inspector. He'll have a field day at Vito's!

Sunday, 5:31 PMA hell of a lot of questions!
What the hell did I just see?!

Blades works for this...priest?! And what's this guy's name? Father...Bella? What kind of priest would have a man murdered?! And why Vito?!!!


TO DO: Take this Blades character out of the picture...NOW!

Sunday, 5:45 PMCODY FOUND!!!
Guy's got Cody at Lou 'The Skin's place in Japantown! Get there...FAST!

NOTE TO SELF: Gotta be careful. This damn glow drug seems to be taking hold of the whole city!

Sunday, 6:02 PMA familiar pest
Can't believe I'm goin' after The Weasel again! But the little shit's in a lot deeper than I ever imagined.

TO DO: Find the Weasel, and work him for info on the glow source. He's probably back at the old warehouse.

Sunday, 6:23 PMDeja vu, all over again
Ah, hell! Here we go again!

Gotta hand it to The Weasel. The little shit's got balls. He's stupid, though. I've got no time for stupidity.

TO DO: Get past these damn Blue Ballers, and let The Weasel have it!

NOTE TO SELF: This could be extra rough. Gonna have to keep movin'!

Sunday, 7:01 PMDAMN CODY!!!
Cody got away from Guy! Dammit! Where could he have gone?!

TO DO: No choice but to meet Guy at the Pier lighthouse. He says to go by way of the freight train tracks.

BEWARE!: I got a feeling those freaky-ass glow-heads are swarming the Pier district!

Sunday, 7:45 PMClosing in!
We're in! Now down to the real business at hand: shutting down the whole glow operation.

Gotta think there's a lab somewhere. And there may be someone there who I can 'persuade' to tell me about reversing the effects of this damn drug.

CRITICAL!: Look for some sort of laboratory.

Sunday, 8:32 PMThe Stiff...enhanced!
Now THIS is freaky!!! The Stiff looks worse than a juiced-up baseball player! Can hardly recognize him!

This glow is worse than I thought. To think that Cody could...Don't think about it, Kyle! One thing at a time!

CRITICAL!: Gotta survive this, then track down that Dr. Chang! She's clearly the brains behind all this!

Sunday: 9:17 PMA most painful development!
Devastating, seeing my own ' own PEOPLE...destroyed like this!


But first...get to Vanessa!!! Please, don't let me be too late!

Sunday, 9:44 PM

Getting out! Damn! Where would we be without 2-ill?! To think I had such doubts about the guy... CRITICAL!: The 3 of us gotta get outta here...QUICK! We can catch our breaths at 2-ill's place, back by the train station.

Sunday, 10:02 PMGoing after Bella!
Vanessa's safe, thank God. Now I can set my sights on that madman Father Bella!

I'm sure I can find him at his church.

Hmm...something tells me I just might be in for the fight of my life. BRING IT ON, BELLA!!!

Sunday, 10:28 PMInto hell with Sgt. Sims
What a fucking mess! Sims has lost nearly all his men...and these damn glow-heads just keep coming!

Sims and I need to get into that church, whatever it takes! God knows what we'll find in there!

Sunday, 10:47 PMHOLY SHIT!!!
Please...this has gotta be a nightmare. Please.

This is all coming on so fast, it's impossible to comprehend! 'Revelations'?! '4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse'?!

And...'War' is...THE WEASEL?!!!

Sunday, 11:04 PMBlades!!!

OK, one last time, Blades! Or, excuse me...'Famine'! The end is near for one of us...and I've got a lot more livin' to do!

Sunday, 11:27 PMChang's monster
This is a nightmare WITHIN a nightmare! What the hell is this thing?! And what sort of sick mind could create such a monstrosity?!!!

A sick but BRILLIANT mind, clearly...

All right, 'Pestilence'...Let's, uh, see what you've got!

Sunday, 11:41 PMThe WORST nightmare yet!
CODY!!! Tell me this isn't happening! My own brother, transformed into this...this...this hideous creature!

OK. Calm down, Kyle. So, the name is 'Belger', huh? Ah, yes...a name with deep, ugly roots in the history of Metro City.

Clearly, this lunatic must die. And if it takes going through my own brother to do so, then so be it. I have no choice.

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