Final Fight 3, named Final Fight Tough (ファイナルファイトタフ Fainaru Faito Tafu?) in Japan, was released in 1995, being the third game in the beat 'em up Final Fight series set in the Street Fighter universe. Unlike the original Final Fight but like Final Fight 2, Final Fight 3 was never released in the arcade and was instead developed for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.


After the complete destruction of the Mad Gear Gang in the previous game, the power vacuum of Metro City's criminal underworld, which was left behind by Mad Gear after its final downfall, had caused the other local street gangs of Metro City to fight and battle against each other and one another for both total dominance and supremacy. Eventually, the Skull Cross Gang, who were once a subordinate sub-group of Mad Gear had won and defeated the other local street gangs so that they could then establish themselves as the new dominant criminal organization of Metro City, wasting no time in planning and making their own criminal activities to seize and obtain total control of the city.

Several months later, Mayor Mike Haggar was in his office speaking with his old friend Guy when an unexpected explosion had suddenly and shockingly rocked Metro City. Detective Lucia of the Special Crimes Unit rushed in and informed Haggar that a huge riot had broken out in the center of town. Before Haggar, Guy, and Lucia could make their next move in having to face and handle the impromptu situation at hand, an unknown stranger had suddenly appeared before the trio, offering his assistance and saying that he knew what was going on at the moment. Haggar, pressed for time, accepted the stranger's help, but threatened to grind him into dust if it was a trap.

The quartet headed to the Police Station where a breakout had just occurred in lockup. Following the trail, they were attacked by Dave, a corrupt cop in the employ of the Skull Cross Gang. They defeated him, but he had delayed them long enough for the rest to make their getaway. The quartet soon realizes that the entire riot had been staged as a smokescreen for the gang to break out one of their leaders from jail. With time no longer an issue, the unknown stranger soon introduces himself as Dean and explained that he had been just another street fighter until he had refused to join Skull Cross, whereupon they had slaughtered his entire family as a cruel act of malicious punishment towards him and that Dean himself now seeks revenge in wanting to fight and destroy Skull Cross so that he can avenge the death of his family.

From there, Haggar, Guy, Dean, and Lucia work together in having to fight and battle against both the members and ringleaders of the Skull Cross Gang throughout most of Metro City, all leading up to a final fight at Skull Cross HQ where, at the the helipad on the roof, the quartet had faced off against Black, the leader and founder of Skull Cross. After a tough and intense fight, Black was knocked back into a high-voltage transformer, killing him instantly and setting off a chain reaction that eventually blew up the entire building. Haggar, Guy, Dean, and Lucia had managed to escape the building's destruction however and mused on how it would be Haggar's job to help rebuild the city via his official position as mayor. Dean, who had succeeded in avenging his family's death via the complete destruction of the Skull Cross Gang, had said his own goodbyes to Haggar, Guy, and Lucia as he had soon departed on a personal journey, determined to move on and forward in his life while Haggar, Guy, and Lucia watch as the sun soon rises over Metro City, signaling and indicating the fact that the adventure is now over and that things in Metro City will truly and undoubtedly return back to normal in no time at all.


The game can be played by up to two players simultaneously, with each player controlling a different character. Before the game begins, the player chooses between the four main characters:

Each has his or her own fighting style and attributes. Lucia is the weakest but has faster attacks, Haggar is the strongest but also the slowest, with Guy and Dean being more balanced - Guy slightly faster but weaker than Dean.

The controls consists of the d-pad and two buttons for attacking and jumping. The player character can move in any of the eight directions, but can only face and attack to the left or right like in most beat-'em-ups. Pressing both buttons simultaneously performs a special move that attacks in both directions, though it uses a little health. Players can also grab and throw opponents, as well as use various weapons.

New innovations in the series include the option to have the computer AI control the second player, and the introduction of command-input "special moves" like in the Street Fighter series. Another addition is the introduction of a Super Gauge like in Super Street Fighter II Turbo, which fills as the player strikes enemies and, when full, allows the player to unleash a devastating Super Move. Also, the player can run and backdash, with character-specific special running attacks possible while running. Furthermore, the game introduces weapon specializations - each character has a weapon they're most proficient in and when they have it, they are able to use a special weapon attack in addition to the regular variation that the other characters can do when holding that weapon. Finally, the game introduced hidden areas, branching game paths and multiple endings.



Debug menu diagram indicating possible paths

Final Fight 3 consists of six stages or "rounds", as well as two bonus rounds. Each round takes place in a different locality in Metro City, with most rounds featuring more than one level. At the end of each round the player will face a boss character unique to that round.

The game possesses a branching path system wherein the player will take a different route through the game depending on the fulfillment of certain criteria - entire boss battles can be skipped by taking alternate exits and most significantly, Round 4 will take place in one of two different locations (with different bosses) depending on whether the player took the bus in Round 3 or not.

The rounds and bosses are:

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  • In the European version of the game, holding Select until the Capcom logo fades away will bring up a debug menu which allows for various cheats such as health regeneration and a stage select. In the North American version of the game, this is disabled and only accessible via an Action Replay or similar device.


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