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Final Fight Revenge (ファイナルファイト リベンジ Fainaru Faito Ribenji?) is a fighting game for the arcades and Sega Saturn featuring most of the original Final Fight cast.


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Final Fight Revenge is very similar to Street Fighter with the same mechanics such as the "Super Bar" and the "Stun" mechanic (which is done by hitting the opponent multiple times successfully or getting hit by Belger's vomit attack once). What differs Final Fight Revenge from Street Fighter is Weapons which can be picked up and used against opponents for melee or ranged attacks. There are different types of weapons like the Poison Claw which increases rang in attacks and increases Poison's attack power, or the Freeze Gun that freezes opponents, the Bow Gun which launches fire arrows can be used for rang, or the War Hammer which can easily stun opponents. Some characters even start of the match with their signature weapon such as Sodom and his Katana, Edi. E and his Police Stick and Rolento and his Staff. But, if the character with a weapon is hit even if they're the character who starts with the weapon will drop it then the other character can pick it up and use it against them.


The main plotline is that riots have broken out in Metro City and Jessica Haggar has gone missing amidst them. Additionally, some of the original Mad Gears are trying to reform. Although Jessica's whereabouts are never resolved in any of the characters' endings, it has been stated by the developers that she was rescued by Mike, and after that she broke up with Cody and left Metro City to study in Europe. While this game's canonical status is questionable, it does attempt to provide some context for the drastic change in personality and costume that Cody underwent when he became playable in the Street Fighter series.


Character Origin Stage Seiyū
Cody Metro City, USA. Nuclear Plant Koichi Yamadera
Damnd Caribbean Meat Locker
Edi. E Metro City, USA. Metro City
El Gado Cuba Metro City Park
Guy Japan town, Metro City, USA. Japan Town Tetsuya Iwanaga
Andore Germany Junkyard
Mike Haggar Metro City, USA. Metro City Park
Poison Los Angeles, California, USA. Metro City Lani Minella
Rolento New York, USA. Military Base Jin Yamanoi
Sodom Arizona, USA. Japan Town Wataru Takagi
Zombie Belger - Final boss, non-playable. Metro City, USA. Graveyard


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The game was designed by the Japanese division of Capcom but programmed by the American division (later known as "Capcom Production Studio 8"), which later produced other games for the PlayStation 2 such as Maximo: Ghosts to Glory and Final Fight: Streetwise.


Final Fight Revenge was released for the arcades on July 1999 and ran on the Sega ST-V arcade hardware. It is the only Final Fight sequel released for the arcades. A home version was released for the Sega Saturn on March 30, 2000, which was the last Capcom game officially released for the platform. The Sega Saturn version was only available in Japan. However, the game can be played in English if the console's internal language is set to English or any other language except Japanese.

The Sega Saturn version has become rather rare, and a 2014 guide listed the game as costing £100 - £200 in the United Kingdom.


The game's overall reception has been negative. GameFan gave the game a 40 out of 100. Famitsu gave it a 20 out of 40 score. German magazine Video Games gave it a score of 50 out of 100. Three reviewers for the Dreamcast Magazine (Japan) gave the game scores of 6, 6, and 8, for a total of 6.6 out of 10.


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  • Poison is the only playable female character in this game.
  • Two of Poison's special moves Thunder Whip and Poison Kiss would later appear in Ultra Street Fighter IV.
  • Final Fight Revenge's story still takes place in 1989, between the events of Final Fight (1989) and Street Fighter Alpha 3 (1998), which takes place two years after Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams (1995) and Street Fighter Alpha 2 (1996), both games taking place in 1987.
  • Abigail is the only boss character from the original Final Fight who doesn't appear in this game at all.


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