The Fire Spinner is one of Lucia's special moves in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Quarter-circle backward+Kick

Description[edit | edit source]


Executed by performing a quarter-circle back motion and pressing kick, Lucia jumps toward her opponent and performs a spinning heel kick. During the kick, a trail of flame projects from Lucia's foot. If no directional input or button is pressed after the attack, Lucia adjusts her cap before dropping back to her stance.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

Fire Spinner is one of Lucia's safer special moves. Despite being -4 on block, it can be difficult for her opponent to punish if spaced correctly. Among her special attacks, Fire Spinner has the longer startup. If her opponent anticipates that Lucia is about to perform this move, they can potentially interrupt her with a faster Light or Medium attack. However, Lucia can get solid damage and offensive pressure if she hits her opponent with Fire Spinner.

The strength of the kick button pressed determines the move's startup, range, damage output, and frame advantage on hit. The Light version has the fastest startup. However, it has the shortest range and inflicts the least amount of damage. Lucia is also +0 on hit. While it doesn't result in a knockdown, this version is used to safely end combos from a distance. After frame trapping her opponent with normals, she can use Light Fire Spinner to quickly push her opponent back before they have a chance to interrupt her special attack.

The Medium version has a slightly longer startup than the Light version. However it inflicts more damage and leaves Lucia +2 on hit. This version is primarily used to end combos and to put her opponent in a mix-up situation. After hitting them with Medium Fire Spinner, she is in range to either go for a throw or continue pressure with one of her normals. Her shimmies also become a threat as well. While this version is used to end combos, Lucia gets solid frame advantage if she scores a meaty Counter Hit with this move. From there, she can link into Standing Medium Punch for a high damaging combo.

The Heavy version may have the longer startup, but it has the furthest reach. It also inflicts the most damage and results in a knockdown on hit. Additionally, this move serves as Lucia's primary combo extender. She can link this version from her Heavy normals or even EX Rough Chase. Since Heavy Fire Spinner pops her opponent in the air, Lucia can finish the combo with her V-Skill or with Medium Hurricane Spinner if she has her opponent in the corner.

The EX version has a faster startup than the Medium version and inflicts slightly more damage than the Light version. While the range is the same as Medium Fire Spinner, this version launches her opponent higher in the air. This opens up more combo and damage potential. For example, Lucia can link into Heavy Hurricane Spinner for more damage and better corner carry In addition, the EX Fire Spinner is -2 on block, making it safer than her other versions.

While Lucia's first V-Trigger is active, this move becomes amplified, gaining more damage and better properties.

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