Firecracker and Flipper Shot are two of Lucia's special attacks, introduced in Street Fighter V.

Firecracker Arcade Stick QCF+Arcade Button Kick
Flipper Shot Arcade Stick QCF+Arcade Button Kick>Arcade Button Kick



Executed by performing a quarter-circle forward motion and pressing kick, Lucia faces the opposite directions and lifts one of her legs behind her for a back kick. As her foot kicks off of the ground, she creates a trail of flame that eventually causes a small fireball to appear before her.

Pressing any Kick button after Firecracker allows Lucia to perform Flipper Shot. Lucia kicks the fireball to send it toward her opponent. The strength of the kick button pressed determines the type of kick Lucia performs, as well as the fireball's trajectory.

Version Effect
Arcade-Button-LKick Lucia performs a front kick that sends the fireball in a high, yet short arc.
Arcade-Button-MKick Lucia performs a horizontal, spinning, roundhouse kick that sends the fireball in a shallow, yet longer arc.
Arcade-Button-HKick Lucia performs a downward, spinning roundhouse kick that sends the fireball in a straight, downward angle.


Firecracker Edit

The Firecracker is a short-ranged attack that may whiff when cancelled from the tip of most of Lucia's normals. However, it is one of her safer special moves. Despite being -4 on block, Firecracker has enough pushback to get her out of range from most of his opponent's normals, making this a good way to end block strings.

This move is also very effective as a meaty attack on her opponent's wake-up. If she score a Counter Hit with Firecracker, she gains good frame advantage to either cancel into Flipper Shot or cancel into her V-Trigger. Even on block, she is +2 if Firecracker is used as a meaty attack. By dashing forward and performing this move on her opponent's quick or back rise, she can maintain offensive pressure and give them little options to defend themselves.

Firecracker can be linked from most of Lucia's normals. Regardless whether or not this move makes contact with her opponent, the fireball remains on the screen. She can cancel into Flipper Shot by pressing Heavy Kick at any point during the recovery frames of this attack. Additionally, this move is a good way to keep her opponent guessing. Lucia can use Firecracker to force her opponent to jump towards her in anticipation of the supposedly oncoming Flipper Shot. As they are descending, Lucia has enough frames to intercept their jump-ins with her anti-air moves, such as Hurricane Spinner.

Flipper Shot Edit

The Flipper Shot is Lucia's only long range attack to keep her opponent at a distance. The projectile's trajectory is determined by the strength of the punch button pressed.


The Light version sends the fireball at a high arc that only travels about halfscreen. This is used to counter her opponent's attempt to jump over her projectile. Lucia can also use Light Flipper Shot as a way to maintain pressure. On wake-up, they must respect the projectile descending above them. Getting hit by the fireball has a decent amount of hitstun, giving Lucia a free combo starter. Even blocking the descending projectile gives her a free opportunity to close the distance.

If the EX Light version is performed, the fireball bounces on the ground, thus increasing its range. With the bouncing fireball behind her opponent, this allows her to pull off long, fancy combos that inflict a lot of damage and pushes them toward the corner. Also, if Lucia uses Fire Spinner on the descending projectile, she can send the fireball straight toward her opponent.

The Medium version launches the fireball at a shallow angle, but travels fullscreen. It is mainly used to keep her opponent at a distance. The Medium Flipper Shot has the longest range, compared to her other versions. If the EX Medium version is used, the fireball hits the opponent twice. The extra hit makes it easier for Lucia to perform juggle combos from a distance.

The Heavy version sends the fireball at a straight, downward angle. Even though the Heavy Flipper Shot doesn't launch the projectile a fullscreen distance, it has the fastest speed, which makes it difficult for her opponent to react. Similar to the Medium version, the EX version hits twice. Lucia can use the EX Heavy Flipper Shot to extend juggle combos for optimal damage. The EX Heavy version also causes the projectile to bounce toward her opponent.

When her first V-Trigger is active, the properties of her Flipper Shot change. It inflicts more damage and stun to her opponent. It also gains the same properties as her EX version; adding an additional hit for more combo and damage potential.


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