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Flamenco Tavern is a DLC stage in Street Fighter V. It is a remake of Vega's classic stage, Fighting Barroom (格闘酒場?), from the Street Fighter II series.


The stage takes place inside of "Mesón De Las Flores" (Spanish for "Inn of the Flowers"), a type of cantina located in an alley from a town in Spain. It has a membership system, where members gamble and deal with illegal business such as the trade of narcotics. It is mostly popular for its modern pankration event, Street Fight. Vega is the star of the event, having many consecutive victories. In Street Fighter II, Vega's battle against a street fighter that travelled the world is the main event.[1]

Just like in SFII, there is a fence that slams down onto the arena once the fighters enter battle. Behind the fenced off area above the arena are guitarists playing music, with flamenco dancers dancing to the rhythm against the backdrop of a mural of a bullfighter and a bull. A crowd of spectactors are watching the battle seated on benches with tables. There are barrels of wine against the wall.



  • The usage of Flamenco Tavern is prohibited in competitive Street Fighter V play. This is due to any Vega player being able to interact with the fence when fighting on the stage.[2]
  • The original name of the establishment in Street Fighter II was "Mesón de la Taberna", roughly translated from Spanish as "Tavern's Inn". It was changed in Street Fighter V as Mesón de las Flores (Flowers' Inn).
  • The fence is first seen slamming down onto the arena at match start in Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers. In the CPS1 installments of Street Fighter II, the fence is already in place at the start of the match.