The Flash Chop is one of Alex's special attacks, introduced in the Street Fighter III series.

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Description[edit | edit source]

Executed by performing a quarter-circle forward motion and pressing punch, Alex moves slightly forward and delivers an open-palm horizontal chop to his opponent.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

Alex striking Cammy around using Flash Chop.

The startup, range, and damage output of this move is determined by the strength of the punch button. The Light version has the fastest startup. However, it has the shortest range and inflicts the least amount of damage. The Heavy version has the longer range and inflicts more damage. However, it has the longest startup, making it easy for his opponent to intercept.

The EX version has the fastest startup, longest range and inflicts the most damage. It also leads to a knockdown, sending the opponent roughly 2/3 of the way across the screen on hit. The EX version is also the safest on block at -2, while the normal versions are all -4.

The Flash Chop can also stop fireballs. Each normal version can nullify single-hit projectiles, while the EX version can negate two-hit projectiles. This move is also a solid combo ender. While the normal versions does not result in a knockdown, each put Alex plus on hit, allowing him to maintain offensive pressure and keeping his opponent on their heels with frametraps and command throws. The Light version can be cancelled from Alex's Medium Punch, while his Medium version can be cancelled from his Heavy Punch.

Alex's Heavy version of the Flash Chop also has special properties. Because of its slow startup, it's difficult to combo into this version, with Lariat being the easiest option to do so. However, if the Heavy version hits the opponent, it spins them around, meaning that they are facing away from Alex for a second after it hits, allowing him to set up combos. The Heavy version can cancel into his Power Drop, albeit dealing less damage than if it were cancelled from a Sledge Hammer.

Due to an initial oversight that eventually became a feature, Alex can perform a Yami Drop if his Heavy Flash Chop is blocked. With the Yami Drop, Alex can still cancel his Flash Chop into a Power Drop even if he's facing the opponent, due to the blockstun ending by the time Alex starts grabbing. This can create a surprising mixup that can discourage the opponent from punishing a Heavy Flash Chop.

In Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Cross Generation of Heroes, The heavy punch version can be charged, and when fully charged it becomes a Machine Gun Flash Chop with 20 rapid-fire flash chops following the initial strike. If it is fully charged, the move becomes unblockable. However, if you charge the move fully you cannot immediately follow-up with other attacks due the distance the opponent is sent fly on impact.

Through the use of partner assists, this can easily set up for resets.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This move is based on a professional wrestling move called the Backhand Chop. In wrestling, the crowd commonly responds with a "Woooo!" noise in honor of WWE's Ric Flair, who popularized the move.
    • It's possible one of Alex's throws, the Face-Crush Chop could also be based of the Flash Chop.
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