Flying Body Attack is one of Zangief's unique attacks in the Street Fighter series.


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Flying Body Attack in action.

When Zangief stretches out his entire body from within the air, all of the physical space that he takes up becomes a huge hitbox.

This was replaced in Street Fighter V with the functionally similar Flying Body Press.


This is one of this reasons that Zangief has such a strong knockdown game. While this attack extends Zangief's Hit and Hurtbox, the hurtbox retracts as soon as Zangief hits the ground, making him able to space this attack and if the opponent wakes up with an attack, his hurtbox will retract in time and possibly provide Zangief with a punish opportunity. Lastly, this attack is fierce so it has a good amount of both hit and blockstun, making it a pain for the opponent to deal with even if it is blocked.

It needs to be noted that this is not a good air-to-ground move due to not having a good ground extending hitbox and is more recommended to be used as the opponent is waking up. Combined with the Double Knee Drop, this attack can lead to Tick Throws and other follow-up Combos.



  • Hugo has a similar attack with a similar purpose from within his own fighting skills and techniques.
    • It should also be noted that Mike Haggar of both the Final Fight and the Slam Masters series also uses a Flying Body Attack as well from within both his wrestling and street fighting, which shows another sign of similarity between Zangief and Haggar.
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