Gif animation of Flying Buster Chop in Street Fighter V.

The Flying Buster Chop is one of Guile's throws in Street Fighter V.

All appearances Arcade-Button-LPunch+Arcade-Button-LKick (Back)(Near opponent in the air)


Executed by pressing Light Punch and Light Kick, (the throw command) and pushing backwards while Guile and his opponent are near each other in the air. When Guile's in midair, he turns his opponent around and wraps his hands around their sides. As Guile lifts his opponent up so that their back is resting on his shoulder, he drops to the ground. Guile lands on the ground, jarring his opponent's back by driving their spine into his shoulder. Guile finishes the throw by bridging with his back and legs, hoisting his opponent over his body, and slamming them shoulders and back-first into the ground.


Street Fighter X Tekken Edit


Guile breaking Ling Xiaoyu's back using Flying Buster Chop in Street Fighter X Tekken.

Flying Buster Chop has the longest horizontal range out of any Air Throw in the game. This is part of Guile's most damaging anti airs when counter hits or Switch Cancels are not going to be a factor. It does require some reaction from the player to properly use. Like most air throws it had it's damage increased to 190, making it a great punish tool for tactics such as Shoryuken tag. However in this role Flying Buster Chop is let down a bit by Guile's slower mobility compared to other characters such as Ibuki's Tobizaru and Alisa's own Air Throw, both that while they have less range than Guile's both other characters have faster Dashes, faster Jump accelerations, and overall better mobility than Guile. Meaning they can get into place for an air throw better compared to Guile depending on his opponents getting into the position he needs.

Street Fighter V Edit


Guile breaking Cammy's back using Flying Buster Chop in Street Fighter V.

Just like Flash Kick, this move can be used as one of Guile's anti-air tools. If he gets a good read and anticipates his opponent's jump, he can use his air throw to make it difficult for them to escape. Guile can also use this move to put his opponent back in the corner. It also does more damage than his ground throws and slightly more than his Flying Mare air throw. 

If Guile doesn't have enough time to charge up for a Flash Kick, he can stuff his opponent's jump-in attempts with a surprise air throw to create some space, thus resetting the neutral game. After the air throw, Guile can continue zoning out his opponent with fireballs.

Trivia Edit

  • This move is arguably based off of a few wrestling moves:
    • The first part of the air throw shows Guile putting his opponent in an Inverted Canadian Backbreaker Rack.
    • The second part of the throw is based on a popular wrestling throw called the Overhead Gutwrench Backbreaker Drop. Former WWE Superstar, Matt Bloom (aka Albert, A-Train, or Tensai) used this move as his Finisher.
    • Guile's third part of the throw uses another popular wrestling throw known as the German Suplex.

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