The Flying Body Press is one of Zangief's unique attacks, introduced in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Arcade Modifier AirArcade-Stick-Up+Arcade-Button-HPunch (During neutral jump)

Description Edit


Executed by pressing up and Heavy Punch during a neutral jump, Zangief unleashes a short-ranged, yet monstrous headbutt in midair.

Tactics Edit

While the range of this very limited, this attack does a huge amount of stun to the opponent. Landing a hit with this move will either stun the opponent or be very close to stunned. However, this move can only be performed during neutral jump. This means that Zangief must be close to his opponent in order for this move to connect.

The Flying Headbutt also puts the opponent in a juggle state if it hits an airborne opponent. Zangief can follow up with an EX Borscht Dynamite, dealing massive amounts of damage and stun in one combo. This move is also a good way to start off combos right after the opponent is stunned. Zangief can link this move with Head Butt to inflict a ton of damage.


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