Not to be confused with Neck Breaker or the Overhead attack called "Neckbreaker".

Cammy getting ready to toss Ling Xiaoyu with Flying Neck Breaker in Street Fighter X Tekken.

Flying Neck Breaker is Cammy's Air Throw in the Street Fighter IV series and Street Fighter X Tekken. It was replaced in Street Fighter V with Neck Spiral, an air throw with similar function but different execution and spacing after connection.

Description Edit

This air throw is similar in visuals to Chun-Li and Vega's own air throw from the era. Cammy grabs her airborne opponent and tosses them into the floor, Cammy's version differs from Chun's or Vega's in that she tosses her opponent in a face down angle. In a way their neck takes significant impact (hence the name).

Tactics Edit

Street Fighter X Tekken Edit


Initial grab, this attack has a cinematic in said game.

This attack is aided by Cammy's rather high Jump acceleration, meaning she can use this air throw rather effectively to punish tactics such as a Shoryuken Switch Cancel. This air throw also benefited from the 2 frame startup reduction and the bump to 190 damage that most air throws that the game afforded to most attacks of the category. However, as this grab does more damage than even Cannon Spike, it is much harder to execute, making other anti airs more desirable due to easier usage.

Cannon Spike tends to be a better pure anti air due to invincibility and can be switch canceled, in certain positions Cammy can even Juggle opponents after said attack hits. This attack is more recommended as a punish tool, and Cammy players should learn how to take advantage of the fast startup and 190 damage that can end matches reliably.

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