The Flying President is one G's unique attacks, introduced in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Arcade Modifier AirArcade-Stick-Down+Arcade-Button-MPunch (During forward jump)

Description Edit

Executed by pressing down and Medium Punch during a forward jump, G spreads his arms and legs out wide and lands stomach-first on top of the opponent, similar to Zangief's Flying Body Press.

Tactics Edit


This move is G's crossup attack. It can be ambiguous and easily linked into some of his combos. Additionally, if the opponent does block this move, it can potentially create a number of mix-up situations. Upon landing, G can continue pressure with his strong normals or break through his opponent's defenses with his throws or command grab. However, this attack needs to be done as close to the ground as possible in order for G to have frame advantage or combo potential on hit.


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