Fox Tail (フォックステール Fokkusu Tēru) is one Decapre's unique attacks, introduced in Ultra Street Fighter IV.

Ultra Street Fighter IV Arcade Stick DR+Arcade-Button-MKick

Description Edit

Executed by moving down-forward and pressing Medium Kick, Decapre spins and slams her knee at the opponent. In Omega Mode, Decapre perform pirouettes and gives kicks the opponent, throwing them into the air. This attack hits twice.

Tactics Edit

Fox Tail can be used prior to Strafe Dagger and other attacks. It has a fairly slow startup, and can be fairly easy to counter-hit her out of. That said, it can still be very useful and can catch opponents off guard.

Unfortunately, this move does not gain a frame advantage on counter-hit, so counter-hits will not open up combo opportunities. However, if the attack hits meaty, the player can link into Crouching Light Kick or Standing Light Punch for a decent combo.

In Omega Mode, Decapre can use Black Widow, DCM, Psycho Stream, Strafe Dagger and many other attacks. It can also repeat this attack three times. This attack is good as anti-air and helps make the greatest combos.

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