Rufus using Fragrance Palm in Ultra Street Fighter IV.

Fragrance Palm is one of Rufus's Unique Attacks in the Street Fighter IV series and Street Fighter X Tekken.

Frame DataEdit

Ultra Street Fighter IV (latest version)
Startup 19
Active 5
Recovery 18
Advantage Hit: Knockdown Block -5
Street Fighter X Tekken 2013
Startup 13
Active 5
Recovery 20
Advantage Hit: Juggle Block: -8

Description Edit

Rufus does a forward thrust and extends both of his arms outward in opposite angles. This attack actually uses a Projectile Hitbox in all of it's appearances rather than strike.

Tactics Edit

Street Fighter IV Edit


Rufus hitting Cammy with Fragrance Palm in SFIV

Fragrance Palm has very little use in this game. It has very slow startup and can not be comboed into by Linking, rather it has to be used as part of Juggles, and even then this attack has to be spaced very specifically. Furthermore it sends the opponent a full screen distance away, which for the kind of character Rufus is he generally wants to be up front. Even against Grapplers, a character archetype Rufus rather stay away and poke at with his long normals against, can be better dealt with by way of his 1 frame close LK to close HP into Galactic Tornado.

This attack only provides comboability in the Corner, where this becomes one of Rufus's ample ways to combo into Space Opera Symphony. In that role though there are better options, such as a Galactic Tornado or a Messiah Kick, Light Kick, then cancel the Light Kick with Focus Attack, then BackDash and use said ultra.

Street Fighter X Tekken Edit


Rufus using Fragrance Palm against Ling Xiaoyu in Street Fighter X Tekken.

Fragrance Palm has been significantly sped up in terms of startup for this game. While it is still not possible to Link from positive on hit attacks, This attack synergies very well with his Target Combo where one of it's main usages is to be used after a Galactic Tornado Target Combo corner juggle. It can be used in EX Galactic Tornado combos as an ender to make the opponent end far from Rufus. This is more desirable in X Tekken, as the nerfs to Rufus's Falcon Kick as well as Glory Kick mean Rufus is better serves using pokes at a distance since he has some of the best Cross Rush followups in the game due to his crouching fierce.

As this is classified as a unique attack. Rufus can not use this in any part of a cross rush. It's main usage is in juggles in the corner to maximize damage in conjunction with his hard kick Messiah Kick. Certain partners can give Rufus time to substitute his target combo with 2 more Fragrance Palms to help maximize damage. Character switch cancel benefits can help when deciding a partner for Rufus in this role, as the damage difference is quite noticeable between the 3 Fragrance Palms in place of his Target Combo.



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