The Frankensteiner is Cammy's back throw, introduced in Super Street Fighter II. This is also her move in Street Fighter X Tekken and Street Fighter IV. In Street Fighter V, this throw has been replaced with Delta Through.


Cammy climbs up on her opponent's shoulders in a seated position then uses her body weight to launch her opponent while using her thighs to hold on to their heads.


This, alongside Hooligan Suplex, are Cammy's only way to break the opponent's defense. Cammy's overall game plan is to make the opponent scared of being thrown and then punish their tech attempts with her multiple frame advantage normals on block and instant air dive kicks.


  • Poison's back throw has the same name and technique. The only difference is the way Poison and Cammy land. 
  • R. Mika also has a similar back throw.



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