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Fudo Sosho is Karin's second V-Skill in Street Fighter V.

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(Changes when holding button)



Executed by pressing Medium Punch and Medium Kick simultaneously, Karin performs a two-handed pushing-motion palm strike to the opponent's midsection. By holding down the buttons, Karin charges the move for a split second, before lunging further toward her opponent and delivering the two-handed palm strike. If no directional input or button is pressed, Karin flips an hand up arrogantly before dropping back to her stance.


Fudo Sosho acts similarly to Karin's first V-Skill. It is an excellent poke for Karin to use in the neutral game. She can use Fudo Sosho to keep her opponent at distance. It allows her to build V-Meter, regardless if the move is blocked or hits. Fudo Sosho can also be used to negate single-hit fireballs. However, the timing can be difficult. In addition, Karin does not build V-Meter when she does neutralize a projectile. Karin can also cancel into her V-Trigger for excellent frame advantage.

Just like Meioken, Karin can charge up this attack to change the properties of her V-Skill. By tapping Medium Punch and Medium Kick, she performs the uncharged version. The startup is slightly faster than that of her first V-Skill. Unlike Meioken, her second V-Skill does not result in a knockdown. However, it is much safer than the uncharged version of her first V-Skill. If blocked, Karin is only -2. Even though it is the end of her turn, it can be difficult for her opponent to punish, even up close. She is +3 on hit, which allows her to link into Crouching Light Punch for a Tenko launch combo. It is also one of Karin's Crush Counter moves. Upon scoring a Crush Counter hit, it pops them up into a spinning juggle state. This means she can link into regular or EX Tenko for a follow-up combo.

By holding Medium Punch and Medium Kick, Karin performs the charged Fudo Sosho. It has more than double the startup frames as the uncharged version. However, it inflicts more damage and stun. It also gives her better frame advantage. On block, she's +3 which puts her in position for mix-ups. Karin is also +4 on hit. Unfortunately, the pushback of the charged version makes it difficult for her to link any of her normals for a follow-up combo. Instead, she can cancel the charged version into her special attacks, such as her command dash. If she scores a Crush Counter hit with the charged version, it puts the opponent in a crumple state, allowing better corner carry combos and positional advantage.