Fuha Enzan is Juri's second V-Skill in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Arcade-Button-MPunch+Arcade-Button-MKick



Executed by pressing Medium Punch and Medium Kick simultaneously, Juri taunts her opponent as energy swirls down her leg and toward her ankle. By pressing Medium Punch and Medium Kick again, Juri swings her leg around to send spinning disc-like projectile slowly toward her opponent.

Tactics Edit

This installment has a total of 53 frames, which is longer than her first V-Skill. While Juri cannot dash-cancel from Fuha Enzan, she can link from her Kyoretsushu target combo to knockdown her opponent while equipping herself with a projectile. Once equipped with her projectile, then she keeps her V-Skill even after taking damage or getting knocked down. However, until the entire animation is complete, Juri is vulnerable to a Counter Hit state.

Releasing the projectile itself takes about 19 frames, which has the same startup as Light Ryodansatsu. The fireball appears in front of Juri and slowly moves toward her opponent. Despite the projectile's wide shape, its range is very limited. It only reaches about 1/4 of the screen before disappearing. She can use it during the neutral game to keep her opponent at a distance. Juri can cancel the projectile from her normals or any version Fuharenkyaku to make it safe on block. On hit, it puts the opponent in a juggle state, allowing her to finish the combo with Light Tensenrin, or EX Fuharenkyaku.

Juri can also link the projectile from her Kyoretsushu target combo. From there, she has a variety of follow-up options. She can finish the juggle combo with Heavy or EX Ryodansatsu. However, she can sacrifice extra damage and okizeme to charge up and store another Fuharenkyaku or V-Skill. The projectile itself is a good meaty tool after knocking the opponent down with Heavy Fuharenkyaku. If they delay or quick rise, they are forced to respect the projectile and block it to avoid any additional damage. Not only this gives Juri a free way to build V-Gauge|V-Meter]], but gives her good frame advantage.

While her first V-Skill gives Juri a way to navigate through fireballs and potentially put her opponent in a left-right mix-up situation, she gets better overall damage and safety with Fuha Enzan. The projectile is -2 on block and she can cancel from her normals or special attacks to make it difficult for her opponent to punish. However, one of the main weaknesses is that it takes almost a full second to install. Her opponent can quickly close the distance and punish Juri before she can gains access to her fireball. Additionally, it also boils down to how Juri manages her resources with her second V-Skill and her three stored Fuharenkyaku.


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