Fuka (風花 Fūka?) is the adoptive granddaughter of the unnamed old monk in the animated movie Street Fighter Alpha: Generations. She lives in Japan near the now abandoned dojo of Goutetsu.

While Ryu was staying and training with the old man, Fuka hinted at a possible romance between her and Ryu. She also became good friends with Sakura, as the two even bathed together inside of the furo bath from her family house.





Due to the vagueness of the movie's plot, there is some controversy over Fuka's real identity. While she states that her "father was a martial artist and a great battle took place where he died," nothing else is mentioned besides the fact that the old monk is apparently a distant relative, though she isn't his granddaughter.

This has lead some fans to believe she is the daughter of Sayaka (who was hinted that she could have been pregnant during the flashback scenes) and either Gouki or Gouken. The latter is particularly supported by the observation that both him and Fuka share a few similar traits in their character design.

The identities of her parents remain a mystery, likely intended for the audience to make their own interpretations.


  • Fuka's voice actress in the Japanese dub also played Sayaka, bolstering hints that the two are maybe related.


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