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Funjinken (サイキョー流裏技・奮迅拳) is an OMEGA Mode exclusive move for Dan in Ultra Street Fighter IV.

All appearances

Shoryuken motion+Punch
(down-forward and punch on same input)


Executed by performing a Shoryuken motion and pressing punch on the exact same frame as the down-forward input, Dan performs an uppercut with his leading hand while remaining on the ground, similar to a Koryuken.


While considerably more precise to execute than a normal Koryuken, it allows for completely meterless juggles in similar contexts as a Koryuken cancel to FADC. Though the individual hit does 80 damage for all three versions as opposed to the Koryuken's 130-150, the saved EX meter combined with being only -5 on block and fully invincible make it the better option should the player be capable of reliably using it. The incredible speed make it possible to combo three light Funjinkens in a row.


  • In stark contrast to many of Dan's attacks being references to SNK series Art of Fighting and The King of Fighters, Funjinken is modeled after Bandai Namco series Tekken. The Electric Wind God Fist, known in Japanese as the Saisoku Fuujinken, has many of the same properties, being a just-frame launching uppercut that is considerably safer on block than the original variant. The functionality of the move being a free Koryuken FADC is likely a reference to Street Fighter X Tekken, where the EX version of the standard Wind God Fist could be used without spending meter if performed using the EWGF input.
    • This would later be referenced with Dan's V-Trigger II requiring the final input to have both the punch and the direction on the same frame.