The Furiko Upper is one of Sakura's unique attacks, introduced in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Arcade-Stick-Left+Arcade-Button-HPunch


Executed by pressing back and Heavy Punch, Sakura clasps her hands together, spins toward her opponent, and swings her arms upward. This attack replaces her previous Pendulum Upper.

Tactics Edit


Furiko Upper has a 7-frame startup, making it Sakura's fastest Heavy attack. It can be served as one of her many anti-air tools. However, it has a upwards hitbox only on the last active frame of the attack. Proper spacing and timing is required in order to interrupt the opponent's jump-in attempts. Furiko Upper is also one of Sakura's Crush Counter moves. Scoring a Crush Counter hit with this attack launches her opponent into the air. Sakura can then follow-up with a fully charged Tengyo Hadoken to juggle her opponent, creating some potential damaging combos.

Furiko Upper is one of Sakura's best combo extender. It can be linked from Standing Medium Punch. This attack can also be cancelled into Sakura's special attacks, such as Shouoken and Shunpukyaku. While this unique attack is -7 on block, she can link into Light or EX Shunpukyaku, or cancel into her V-Trigger to make it difficult for her opponent to punish.

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