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"You seek strength? Well, here I am! The embodiment of power! President of the World!"
—G to Akuma
"I'll fight this battle. Why? Because it is my duty. (私は闘う。何故か?それが公務であるからだ! Watashi wa tatakau. Nazeka? Sore ga kōmudearukarada!?)"
—G (Street Fighter V)
"I'm President of the World! Of the Earth! And of the entire Universe! (私こそが世界の、地球の、宇宙の大統領だ! Watashi koso ga sekai no, chikyū no, uchū no daitōryōda!?)"
—G (Street Fighter V)

G (ジー ?) is a video game character from the Street Fighter series, first appearing as the fifth character in Street Fighter V's third DLC season.[4][5]



G has a peculiar appearance; a long, rather unkempt beard, contrasting with his clothing, which consists of a very tall top hat with decorative patterns around the base, a black string bow tie at the neck, and a black waistcoat with tails, decorated with highly ornate patterns, shiny red satin lining material seen inside the tails and rolled-up sleeves. Under the waistcoat, a formal white shirt can be seen and a gold pocket-watch hangs from the left side of his waistcoat.

For unknown reasons, small areas of G's skin, most noticeably the area around his left eye and on his arms appear to be gold, presumably due to Geokinesis. A closer look reveals that the gold patterns form a map of the globe; the golden world map rotates around his body endlessly. At 330 lbs, G is unusually heavy for his size, though it may have some relation to the golden markings on his skin.

G's first alternate costume, his story outfit, is a trench coat with a button-up shirt and tie, gloves, and a metal mask over the face, showing the sides and back of his head, bearing an uncanny resemblance to a certain masked fighter.

His second alternate costume is a traditional shooting suit, consisting of a green long-sleeved suit jacket with a brown vest along with white long-sleeved button shirt and a dark green tie on the collar, green formal pants and dark brown boots. He wears a brown flatcap on his head, a brown leather sling bag over his shoulder and carries a shotgun on his back.


G is confident and charismatic, openly and loudly claiming he is the President of Earth. His movement in combat shows a commitment to showmanship; he waves to the audience as he walks, and dances and bows in many of his moves. He enthusiastically greets any "Earthlings" he meets and gives advice to enemies, even 'evil' characters like M. Bison and Necalli. He presents himself as a savior in some quotes, like Gill.

Many of G's quotes imply that he is not only the "President of Earth", but also the incarnation of Earth itself, and perhaps even the universe, power and matter; claiming that it's the reason that he can manipulate Earth and Magma. He sees other characters as "Citizens of Earth", and claims that most of humanity's traits (love, sorrow, ambition, greed, etc.) make everyone equal (including himself, as he 'gifted' them) and that all share common causes, regardless of their gender, age or beliefs. Because of his beliefs, immense compassion, and sympathy towards humanity, G does not see antagonists like Shadaloo, the Secret Society, Necalli or Akuma as a threat, but as wayward brethren and potential allies.

G's interactions with Oro and Rose imply a more sinister agenda, where both characters see him as being connected to an impending apocalyptic natural disaster. When questioned, G vaguely states that the apocalypse Rose foresaw is "the same vision" as his.


The concept of a "fighting president", although not new, was initially considered for Street Fighter IV. The same idea was also revisited for Street Fighter V prior to the game's launch, and had concept art made, but the character was rejected.[6] It is possible that G is the realization of said concept. G was visualized to be the 'boss character' of Street Fighter V in spite of not appearing as the final boss of the Arcade Mode, and is shown alongside Gill, M. Bison, Sagat, and Seth in various artwork.

G's design and signature pose (pointing towards the screen) are reminiscent of Uncle Sam and his "I want you" pose. G also bears a clear resemblance to Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth president of the U.S.A. Notably, Lincoln himself was a reputed wrestler, which G (prior to his debut) was also speculated to be.

G's character design bears a small resemblance to that of Greg the Gorilla from the Bloody Roar series, as the two of them wear black top hats while also having long beards.

G also has a few things in common with Emperor Norton, a man who declared himself emperor of the United States and was known as an eccentric. He also wears a top hat like Norton, and his personality and self-proclaimed high status compliment this idea.

Possibly because of his harmonic and somewhat lofty aspects of his character, G is likely a god or a godly manifestation of the Earth itself.

In terms of his personality, he has some coincidental similarity to John Laurinaitis, who used similar gestures prior to G's debut, and visually to the United States 2016 Presidential Election campaign figure Vermin Supreme.

Character Relationships[]

Because of G's outlandish nature and mainstream obscurity, few have ever been known to have interacted with the president. While Rashid is simply happy to have encountered him after hearing him from a video that he found on the internet, Menat sadly underestimated G's powers after being sent to check him by her master Rose, to which the latter also fell victim to.

Gill approached G while he was streaming in order to gather public attention to himself. When questioned by the deity about his plans for the Gate of Harmony, the Fighting President responds by proclaiming that he shall use the Gate so that all of Earth's people may become one with it and, subsequently, G himself. Gill soon returns to base, wondering about the mysterious geokinetic power G possesses, as he implies that he has felt this power somewhere before the encounter.


Street Fighter V[]

G is a mysterious man calling himself the "President of the World". He wishes to unify the world as its president and decides to spread his message through social media. Initially, he doesn’t receive much attention until Rashid comes across his videos and decides to help amplify G’s message to the people.[7]

Afterwards, G was challenged by Menat who was given an errand by Rose to test his skills. He was predicted on one of their fortune cards as "The Fool". After defeating her, G continues to spread his message.

Following up on Menat's story, Rose foresees the end of the world after battling him, despite having thought she rid the world of the evil energy; she describes it as if "a giant glacier fell into the ocean". Even G himself knows what she foresaw.

Gill meets up with G as he was streaming to reveal himself to the world. G is defeated by the Secret Society's leader, but does not seem fazed by it as he reveals that his plans for the Gate of Harmony are to use it to fulfill his mission of uniting Earth's people.

In his arcade mode ending, he is seen shaking hands with Dan Hibiki in Japan, Hakan in Turkey and Elena in Kenya. With all four then walking, being followed by a mass of people.


Fighting style and abilities[]

Befitting his name, G can draw the energies of earth elements,[7] such as lava attacks and can turn himself into full gold form. All of his special moves have his name at the beginning of them, and his lava column and flaming attacks resembles a blend between C. Viper and Vulcano Rosso in terms of fighting style and gameplay. G also claims to have practiced all of the world's martial arts (obscure or relevant), thus making him a man not to be underestimated in combat despite his eccentric nature.

G's playstyle is heavily momentum-based. His unique Presidentiality mechanic allows him to power up his special moves, gaining multiple hits, better combo potential, and higher damage. At Level 3, G can use the EX version of his special moves for free, as well as being able to cancel into EX moves from his Level 3 moves and mix them with his Level 2 variants, making leveling up a priority for G. However, G loses a level of Presidentiality when knocked down, making him incredibly powerful on the offensive, but vulnerable to pressure and rushdown. Choosing between cancelling from special moves into G Charge, Message To The People, G Protection, or even just using the knockdown for okizeme is a major factor in playing G. From a single opportunity, G can completely shift the momentum of a match in his favor, especially when using Maximum President.


G's V-Skill G Barrier is an attack that works similarly to Urien's Aegis Reflector and Skullomania's Skullo Energy. It can be used offensively to launch G's opponent into the air and can also destroy single-hit projectiles.[8] It has defensive value as well as it serves as an exceptional anti-air attack.

G's new V-Skill is G Protection. Upon activation, G will strike a pose, channeling Mother Gaia's power into his body to solidify it, or so he describes it. After the animation, G will gain a defensive boost of 10% which can be stacked thrice for a total of 30% damage reduction. Like with his Presidentiality level, he will lose the boost if knocked down. Unlike the Presidentiality level, however, G will lose the buff in full rather than have it taken down a level. Also, if G is knocked down while he has both boosts active, the defense increase will be reduced first, leaving the boosts from G Charge intact. Like G Charge, it can be cancelled into at the end of most of his special moves.

His first V-Trigger is the Maximum President[7] where he gains several boosts to his move set, including an additional projectile property to G-Barrier, the ability to cancel his special moves into each other and boosts all of his moves to level 3 of his President Gauge.[8] His second V-Trigger is the Dangerous President[7] where he gains two new special moves: G Rage, an uppercut, and G Explosion, a command grab with one hit of armor.

His Critical Art is the Pangaea Burst, which resembles Vulcano Rosso's Torre pendente di Pisa, has him unleashing several horizontally-advancing fire pillars to burn his opponent.


Pop Culture[]

G/Pop Culture






  • G bears a great resemblance to the 16th president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln.
    • They both wear a stovepipe hat.
    • They wear similar attire except for the fact that G's regular clothes do not have sleeves.
  • He is the second playable Street Fighter character whose name is only known by one letter (so far), the first being Q.
  • Interestingly, G's story costume bears a striking resemblance to Q's outfit. Both wear a trench coat with a button-up shirt and tie, gloves, and a metal mask over the face. The main notable difference between the two, however, is their masks’ respective functions. Q’s mask is more like a helmet, covering the entire head and only leaving a small amount of his neck visible, while G’s mask is black and covers only the face, showing the sides and back of his head. Q’s coat is also much longer than G’s, extending down past the knees whilst G’s reaches just under halfway down the thigh.
    • The 15th color scheme of G’s costume has the same colors as Q's normal costume in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. In the costume's in-game description in Shadaloo C.R.I., Sgt. Ashida says "Wearing that creepy mask and that trench coat, he could be anyone. Wait...Color 15...isn't that...a certain individual that the CIA is looking for...?!".
    • Seemingly as a reference to his possible connections to Q as well, the music in G's trailer is a rap, referencing the musical aesthetic of Q's only appearance in the series, Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike.
    • By the same token, G's in-game character theme is a jazz-themed tune with hints of noir similar to Q's own character theme (the difference is that G's theme is more focused on Jazz than noir).
    • One of G's moves in his V Skill 2 closely resembles Q's taunt in SF3
    • G, like Q in Street Fighter 3, is also a secret mini-boss in Street Fighter 5.
    • Many of G's moves are also similar, if not identical, to Q's moves, albeit G's execution of them is much more refined and focused than Q's execution (e.g. both characters perform a double leg drop kick as their crouching heavy kick, but G supports himself with one arm and picks himself up after the kick whereas Q simply launches himself at the opponent and falls over).
    • Although G has a lot of connections with Q, he doesn't appear in the SFIII route to represent him, just like Laura is representing Sean, and Poison is representing Hugo, This could demonstrate that Capcom tries to hide the connections that both characters have.
    • G, along with Urien and Kage, are the only Street Fighter 5 characters to have alternate lines in the introductions. In the case of G there are two, which are: "I'll fight this battle. Why? Because it is my duty, "I'm President of the World! Of the Earth! And of the entire Universe!
  • Christopher Corey Smith, who voices G in Street Fighter V, also voices Rufus in all of the latter's portrayals. Interestingly enough, both Rufus and G both do not appear to initially be serious characters, but their competence in the story and actual gameplay surprise other characters and players alike.
  • G is the second playable character (or third if one counts T. Hawk in Omega Mode) that uses Earth-based elements in his moveset but the first in the mainline games to use Magma-based powers (in the overall series he is the second after Vulcano Rosso).
  • G is the third character to have a throw that targets on crouching opponents (R. Mika is the first and Zangief is the second).
  • G is the second character whose idle animation inflicts damage to the opponent. The first being Birdie, but his is nowhere near as damaging as G's (where he twirls and points to the sky, which deals at least a half bar of damage).
  • Some of G’s post-attack idle animations, which consists of him dancing for a bit is a reference to the late pop singer Michael Jackson.
  • All of G's character demonstrations are narrated in first person.
  • G refers to his opponents as people of Earth, never mentioning their national identities, showcasing his belief in global citizenship.
  • G has a strange glitch in-game; if he defeats an opponent at the corner of the screen in Apprentice Alley and it triggers an edge-of-screen K.O. animation, G will play his normal round winning animation; except with his model's head being rotated backwards in a grotesque-looking fashion.

Stage Theme[]

Title Game Artist Track
Street Fighter V
Theme of G Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Daniel Lindholm


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