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This is a list of quotes used by G.

Street Fighter V[]

Character Selection[]

  • "Why, thank you. I am the world president."


  • "I'll fight this battle. Why? Because it is my duty!"
  • "I'm President of the World! Of the Earth! And of the entire Universe!"
  • "For all the people of the Earth! (Character Story)
  • "Even a journey of a thousand mile begins with a single step." (Training Mode)
  • "Well then, shall we?" (Easy Survival Mode)
  • "I come offering friendship." (Normal Survival Mode)
  • "I ask of my viewers; please heed all of my words." (Hard Survival Mode)
  • "Once and for all." (Extreme Survival Mode)


  • "Shake hands with the president... hm, you disappoint me."



  • "Fruitless!" (V-Skill)
  • "C'mere!" (V-Skill during forward/neutral jump)
  • "This is my power!" (V-Skill II Level 1)
  • "Climax!" (V-Skill II Level 2)
  • "Yes! Yeeeessss!" (V-Skill II Level 3)

V-Trigger I[]

  • "Prepare yourself!" (Activation)
  • "This is true power!" (Enhanced V-skill)
  • "Struggle desperately." (Enhanced V-Skill during forward/neutral jump)
  • "Now's my chance! This will finish you!" (Canceling a special move into Max G Smash Over during V-Trigger I)
  • "Now you understand!?" (After landing Max G Smash Over after canceling from a special move during V-Trigger I)
  • "Be careful. Are you astonished?" (Canceling a special move into Max G Smash Under during V-Trigger 1)
  • "The Earth will always keep spinning!" (After landing Max Smash Under after canceling from a special move during V-Trigger 1)
  • "This is the power!" (Canceling a special move into Max G Burst during V-Trigger 1)
  • "Even stronger!" (Canceling a special move into Max G Spin Kick during V-Trigger 1)


  • "Sorry!" (After using V-Reversal)

V-Trigger II[]

  • "The finale!" (Activation)
  • "Marvelous!" (G Explosion)
  • "President power!" (G Rage)
  • "Did I miss it?" (G Rage Missed)


  • "Oh my." (Miss)
  • "Good night!" (Forward grab)
  • "Pardon me, please leave now." (Back grab)
  • "Don't sit down!" (Forward low grab)

Command Grab[]

  • "I missed it!" (Miss)
  • "Why don't you fly." (Presidentiality Level 1)
  • "Showtime!" (Presidentiality Level 2)
  • "Gaia! Impact!" (Presidentiality Level 3)

Command Normals[]

  • "Step aside!" (Crash President from far away)
  • "Now stand up!" (Crash President near opponent)
  • "Haa!" (Wild President)

Special Moves[]

  • "Over!" (G Smash Over: Level 2.)
  • "I'll crush you! One more!" (G Smash Over: Max Level/EX.)
  • "The honor was mine." (After landing Max Level/ EX G Smash Over.)
  • "Under!" (G Smash Under: Level 2.)
  • "And now! One chance!" (G Smash Under: Max Level/EX.)
  • "It's Super Tuesday!" (After landing Max Level/EX G Smash Under.)
  • "Fire!" G Burst: Level 1.)
  • "You'll get crushed!" (G Burst: Level 2.)
  • "Burst!" (G Burst: Max Level/EX.)
  • "There!" (G Spin Kick: Level 1.)
  • "No place to go!" (G Spin Kick: Level 2.)
  • "But can you block this?" (G Spin Kick: Max Level/EX.)

Message To The People[]

  • "What is it that we fight for? The answer is quite easy to explain. It's undoubtedly something very clear. Our great planet Earth is unique throughout the universe, because we are together as one. The power of all the people on this planet makes us one. When the people come together, there is no one on Earth who can stop us! Power to the people!"
  • "Power for all of the people of the Earth. For all seven billion, four hundred and twenty-seven million, I will be the protective father to everyone, and I will be the loving mother of great care. I'll be your serf because I am all. My voice is your voice. What I fight for is to fight for all of you. That's why your power is within me. The power as president of Earth!"
  • "Now I do hereby declare, to every single person on the planet Earth, from the very bottom of my soul and with the deepest of sincerity that I am firmly resolute in my undertaking. That I will not yield to anyone or anything until I accomplish what I've set out to do. Together, you and I will be one with Earth. I swear, the Earth and its people will become one. Power to the people of Earth!"

G Charge[]

  • "Chance... Get!" (Charge from neutral)
  • "Feel the power!" (Full Charge from neutral)
  • "One Earth!" (during a G-Cancel)

Critical Art[]

  • "Power to the Earth!"
  • "Light it up."
  • "I have the power of Gaia!"
  • "It's always a pleasure."

Round Victory[]

  • "Yes! We are one!"
  • "Of all the people of Earth, I have felt your power." (below 20% health)

Round Loss[]

  • "Not my day!"
  • "Most...surprising..." (crumple K.O)

Versus Mode (Generic) []

  • "Thank you! Thank you!"
  • "Power to the Earth!"
  • "Yes! We are one!"
  • "Ahem... I am President of the World!"
  • "I am myself, the world, the universe!"

Versus Mode (Character-Specific)[]

  • "Mass is power, energy. It is one facet of the truth, giant citizen of Earth."
  • "Fret not, young citizen! You will come to know true justice soon enough! And who will show it to you? Why, yours truly!"
  • "You seek strength? Well, here I am! The embodiment of power! President of the World!"
  • "We all search for something...but do we need to find it?"
  • "Obsession and desire. These, too, are power."
  • "Our bellies are neither empty nor full? Why? Because we are all one!"
  • "Be they beast, all that lives know I am all."
  • "Laugh and cry aloud, citizen of Earth! All such acts are my power, and indeed ours!"
  • "To stand on our own two feet is everything. And in that moment, I stand!"
  • "You care for your citizens, so you are mayor. I care for the Earth's citizens, and so I am their president!"
  • "It is no contradiction to say we can all be the strongest! I am here to prove that!"
  • "Close your eyes. In your mind's eye picture me there!"
  • "Thank you, citizen of Earth. But know that sumo does not reign supreme! I do! We do!"
  • "Watch your words, young citizen of Earth. For they define us."
  • "Now do you see? All poison and all medicine, all life and death... All are me."
  • "None can bind me, so none can bind you!"
  • "Thank you! You, too, are me! You are the Earth, the universe, everything!"
  • "Unfortunately, there is no king on this earth. There is no god. But people of Earth! I am your president!"
  • "Using one's power for the sake of another is commendable! You prove the Earth's wondrousness!"
  • "Love, too, is a wonderful thing, citizen of Earth!"
  • "O, citizen of Earth, even when sorrow and pity till our hearts—no, precisely in such times, we are one!"
  • "O, beautiful citizen of Earth, you cannot and must not look down on me!"
  • "The zeal and passion that burns inside us all is my strength! Power to the Earth!"
  • "Citizen of Earth, wander no more! For I am here!"
  • "Let us revel in joy, citizen of Earth! All shall share my joy, as they share their joy with me!"
  • "'President of Earth' is not exaggeration! The Earth and the universe are one!"
  • "The path you have chosen as a citizen of Earth will serve to aid the President of the World."
  • "Am I stupid, citizen of Earth?! The answer to that lies within us all!"
  • "That wound... When you hurt, the citizens of the world hurt. We know this to be true."
  • "When you devour me, you are me! We are one!"
  • "I know I can count on your support, as I represent all people of Earth! That includes senior citizens like you!"
  • "When a light shines, I am there! Thank you!"
  • "Come, shake the hand of the President of the World!"
  • "Perhaps you can see it now, citizen of Earth. I am the beginning and the end!"
  • "Your engagement is much appreciated, citizen of Earth. Your fists have spoken to me!"
  • "Let us do glorious battle, citizen of Earth. Your fight is my fight. It is my power!"
  • "An amusing exchange indeed, little citizen of Earth."
  • "Fear not! The President of the World will help you become a true citizen of Earth!"
  • "I am no king, citizen of Earth. I am me, I am us. I am one, I am all."
  • "What is beauty? The answer is simple! It is nothing without me! NOTHING!"
  • "The power of your motherland you speak so passionately about... That is your power, and mine!"
  • "Form is emptiness, emptiness is form. These are wise words, citizen of Earth. They are me."