G Barrier is G's V-Skill in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition.

Street Fighter V Arcade Modifier (Air).pngMedium punch+Medium kick


Executed by pressing Medium Punch and Medium Kick simultaneously, G creates a force field of energy around himself. This move can also be performed while jumping.



This move is one of the most versatile V-Skills in the game. Even though it has a 13-frame startup, it remains active on the screen for another 13 frames. Similar to Charlie Nash's Bullet Clear, it can absorb any single-hitting projectiles. This move is an excellent tool to utilize against other zoning characters like Guile and Menat. Every successful absorption of a projectile rewards G a bit of meter on his V-Gauge.

Another reliable for way for G to build V-Meter is to use his V-Skill at the end of his combos. G Barrier has fairly wide hitbox that can be cancelled from most of G's normal or from his other special attacks like G Impact or G Smash Over. Ending combos with G Barrier not only rewards him with V-Gauge, but it also results in a knockdown. As his opponent is recovering, G can link into Message To The People to build his Critical Meter or G Charge to increase his Presidentiality level. However, it is very unsafe on block. Also, G can only cancel into Message To The People or G Charge if his V-Skill hits the opponent.

G Barrier is also considered one of G's best anti-air attacks. This move surrounds him in a sphere of energy, protecting him from his opponent's jump-in attempts. He can also use G Barrier to neutralize crossups since it also covers his backside. If G has his opponent pressured in the corner while trapping them with tick throws, he can use his V-Skill if he anticipates an attempt to jump out of the corner. This puts his opponent back in the corner and allows G to continue pressure with his strong normals, throws, and command grab.

He can also use his V-Skill while in the air. It's mainly serves as a defensive weapon. Using his Airborne G Barrier allows him to momentarily float in the air before dropping to the ground. This is very helpful when dealing against a wall of fireballs coming his way, such as Guile's first V-Trigger.

When G has his first V-Trigger active, his V-Skill becomes a projectile that travels fullscreen horizontally towards his opponent. Performing this move in midair during his V-Trigger fires the barrier at a downward angle. This not only makes this move more of an offensive weapon, but it also makes it safe on block since it pushes the opponent back. On hit, it puts them in a juggle state, setting G up for some damaging combos.


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