The G Charge is one of G's special attacks in Street Fighter V.

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Description Edit


Executed by pressing down twice, followed by two punch buttons at the same time, G crouches down on one knee and places one hand on the ground to gather energy from the Earth. Upon releasing the punch buttons, G stands up with the collected energy in the form of a sphere. He raises his hand to the sky to gather the energy from the Earth within him, thus increasing his Presidentiality level.

By pressing and holding two punch buttons, G remains crouched on the ground as he gathers more energy in his hand. After collecting as much energy as he can, he stands up with the stored energy assembled in a larger sphere. He brings the energized sphere to his chest to increase his Presidentiality to the highest level.

Tactics Edit

This move's primary purpose is to raise G's Presidentiality level. Doing so also changes the properties of his special moves. Overall, these moves become universally better. While most of G's special attacks gain an increase in damage, some become safer on block or gain new routes for combo potential. Additionally, most of G's special moves can be cancelled into G Charge, giving him a free way to increase his Presidentiality level.

Unlike most characters, G has an icon of a "globe" next to his V-Gauge, which represents his Presidentiality level. This can be changed to increase the level of his Presidentiality by performing G Charge. Doing so successfully changes the globe icon near the bottom of the screen. At the beginning of the round, it begins with the default original form, which is a grayed-out planet Earth. On level 2, the icon lights up. When G reaches peak Presidentiality level, the icon appears with a corona of light around the globe.

Even though G Charge buffs his special attacks and makes G a more dangerous character, it has its flaws. It takes about 43-frames for him to charge and increase his Presidentiality. Unless done after a knockdown, it is unlikely for G to freely charge up since he is left vulnerable. Characters with ranged specials or pokes can not only interrupt the G Charge, but also prevent him from gaining another level.

It is also not practical for G to use the fully charged version of G Charge, since it requires a total of 128 frames. In addition, G's Presidentiality level decreases every time he is knocked down. This means he must constantly be on the attack, or not let his opponent pressure him. As long as his opponent can end their combos by knocking G to the ground, it can nerf the properties of his special attacks; thus making it an easier matchup to win.


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