G Impact is one of G's special attacks, introduced in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Half circle back+Kick

Description[edit | edit source]

G smashing his fist on the back of Cammy's head using G Impact.

Executed by performing a half-circle back motion and pressing kick, G performs a command grab that launches his opponent in the air. The type of attacks that G delivers for this move depends on the level of his Presidentiality.

At Level 1, G grabs his opponent by the head with one hand. With his other hand infused with, he delivers a violent uppercut that sends his opponent high in the air. At Level 2, G first delivers a body punch to his opponent's solar plexus, before launching them to the sky with an powerful uppercut using his opposite fist.

The EX version of this move is essentially the same as the Level 3 Presidentiality. G first delivers a punch to his opponent's midsection, momentarily stunning them. As they recover, G cups his hands together, reels back, and slams their fists, delivering a double axe handle to the back of his opponent's head. G then finishes off the command grab with a devastating uppercut that launches his opponent off of their feet. If no directional input or button is pressed, G takes a quick bow before dropping back in his stance.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

Among all of G's special attacks, this move is his only command grab option. It is more unconventional than a traditional command throw. It has a 12-frame startup, which is much slower than other characters' command grabs. However, this move move has excellent range, regardless of which kick button is pressed. This is very useful for utilizing tick throws and keep his opponent on their heels when pressuring.

G punching Cammy in the midsection using G Impact.

While other command throws inflicts a lot of damage, G Impact deals only minimal damage. However, it is a fantastic combo starter. Because G Impact launches his opponent in the air, he can follow up with another special attack like G Smash Over. As his Presidentiality level increases, he gain new combo routes and increased damage potential. From Level 2, he can link into G Spin Kick. On Level 3, he can cancel into G Smash Over and G Smash Under in the same combo. By performing powerful combos that takes a chunk of his opponent's health, G can turn a low damaging command grab into one of his most dangerous moves in his arsenal.

Because it's a command grab, this move cannot be blocked. While his G Burst makes him formidable from a distance, he's even scarier when he's up close and in range to perform his command throw. Even though the damage and combo potential he receives with G Impact is high, it has a lot more recovery frames than his normal throws. Like many command throws, whiffing this move leaves G vulnerable for a damaging punish combo.

This is the only move in G's arsenal that cannot be cancelled into G Charge or Message To The People. However, G Impact is the only command grab that can be linked into other attacks, including his V-Skill or Critical Art.

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