G Protection is G's second V-Skill in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Arcade-Button-MPunch+Arcade-Button-MKick

Description Edit

Executed by pressing Medium Punch and Medium Kick simultaneously, G poses while a bell chimes. G can perform this move up to three times, with a different pose for each version.

Tactics Edit

G Protection adds another resource for G to manage throughout the fight. G can cancel into G Protection from his Crouching Heavy Kick, Strong President and Wild President, as well as any other context he can use G Charge and Message To The People. A successful V-Skill activation grants an automatic 10% scaling to the opponent's attacks, with three taunts reducing damage taken to 70% scaling. When G is knocked over while his V-Skill is active, he will lose the buff but maintain his current level of Presidentiality, allowing him to maintain the offensive. A knockdown is the only way to remove this buff, meaning that pokes, fireballs, and resets will still deal less damage.

Compared to G Charge, G Protection is faster. G Protection's defense boost is granted in 31 frames while G Charge takes 43, and Protection has nine less frames of recovery compared Charge when cancelled. This allows G to include G Protection in certain juggles and blockstrings while still remaining plus enough to continue the combo, stay safe on block, or maintain okizeme. Notably, a Level 3 or EX G Burst can allow for two consecutive boosts. While in Maximum President, G gains armor from Frame 3 to the defense boost, though this is less useful due to the constant Presidentiality during the V-Trigger.

G Barrier helps G fight against projectiles, adjust his jumping arc, and builds V-Meter during combos, particularly during Maximum President. While G Protection has less direct offensive capabilities, it allows G to better maintain composure even when being pressured by an opponent. This makes it synergize well with Dangerous President, keeping Presidentiality high enough to make combos even stronger. Proper management of resources allows G to be a threat in and out of V-Trigger, as well as giving G an option to cancel his move even at Level 3 with full meter.

Trivia Edit

  • The move, as well as the motion of the second charge, resemble Q's taunt and its effects. Both increase defense by a specific percentage, can be stacked three times, and can be cancelled from various attacks.


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