"It's Super Tuesday."

G Smash Under is one of G's special attacks, introduced in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Arcade Stick S+Arcade Button Kick



Executed by performing a "Shoryuken" motion (forward, downward then down-forward) and pressing kick, G performs a simple crouching dash forward and follows-up with a low punch using his opposite fist. If no directional input or button is pressed, G grabs the brim of his top hat and strikes a pose before dropping back in his stance.

The EX version of this move is essentially the same as the Level 3 Presidentiality. His fists are infused with magma as he delivers the crouching dash punch to his opponent. If the first move hits, G follows up with another low punch that knocks his opponent back. If no directional input or button is pressed, G grabs the brim of his top hat, tips it, and points to the sky before dropping back in his stance.


Including his other dash punch, G Smash Under is mainly used to end combos. This attack can be linked from most of G's normals. It has a faster startup than G Smash Over and hits low, meaning that his opponent must crouch block in order to defend it. The trade-off is that it inflicts less damage. Additionally, G doesn't get any follow-up to deal more damage (with the exception of his first V-Trigger). Unlike G Smash Over, this attack is unsafe on block.

The strength of the punch button pressed determines the move's startup and distance. The Light version covers about 1/3 of the screen. The Medium version travels about halfscreen. The Heavy version travels almost the full length of the screen. The EX version covers the same distance as his Medium version. Regardless of which punch button is pressed, the damage output of this move remains the same.

Increasing his Presidentiality level gives G Smash Under more damage and better properties overall.

Level Description
Lv.1 Default with no follow-up
Lv.2 The Medium and Heavy version are -6 on block
Lv.3 Hits twice and gives G better corner carry

G can also cancel this move into Message To The People build meter or G Charge to increase the level of his Presidentiality. He can also cancel into his Critical Art. At Level 3, he can cancel into his V-Trigger for better frame advantage.



  • When G states "It's Super Tuesday", he is possibly referring to one or more Tuesdays early in a United States presidential primary season when the greatest number of U.S. states hold primary elections and caucuses.
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