Dan using Gadoken

The Gadoken (我道拳 Gadōken?, "Self Way Fist") is an attack "invented" by Dan Hibiki, and is one of his most well known special attacks.

All appearances Arcade Stick QCF + Arcade Button Punch


As with many of Dan's attacks, it is a parody of another existing move used by all those who practice Gouken's style of martial arts (specifically the Hadoken). Though he mimics Gouken's one-handed motion, the technique lacks any comparable power. It also acts as a parody of the effect of Ko'ōken (虎煌拳? "Tiger Sparkle Fist") from the Art of Fighting series when the energy gauge is low (resulting in a projectile that flies at a poor range); an altered version of this also oddly acts as Ryo Sakazaki's main Ko'ōken in later King of Fighters games.


Executed in the same exact way as the Hadoken, the Gadoken is a projectile attack that Dan launches with one hand. Though the distance of the attack can be controlled depending on the punch button used, the attack's general range is extremely short, limiting its usefulness.

The EX Special introduced in Super Street Fighter IV has greatly improved range and inflicts far more damage than the original Gadoken.

Despite the one-handed motion (which comically enough, may resemble a slap), if one looks closely, the ki projectile shows a single palm instead. In later games like how it was first done in the original Street Fighter Alpha, the Gadoken is done with a forward palm.


The attack does roughly as much damage as any other projectile in spite of its range, and can act as a rather limited method of defense against them. The attack can also be used as a limited combo extender and as way to hit a unexpecting opponent.

Trivia Edit

  • Dan uses a single hand for this projectile. In the Street Fighter lore only the people with the highest mastery of their projectile can use a single hand successfully. This explains why Dan's projectile has very short distance.



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