This is a list of quotes used by Gen.

Street Fighter Alpha series Edit

Street Fighter Alpha 2 Edit

Rival DialoguesEdit


Gen: "You must be Akuma. You may have the body of a human, but you are not of this world."

Akuma: "(Which one are you?)"

Gen: "I'm the one who will send you back to hell."

Akuma: "(Amusing, but ignorant.)"


Chun Li: "Hey, I hear you're a master. Can you tell me about Shadaloo?"
Gen: "Foolish child! I have nothing for you! Why are you still looking at me? Didn't your father teach you not to stare?"

Win QuotesEdit

  • "Ancient words of wisdom... "you suck"."
  • "I live for death... yours!"
  • "Someday you'll have enough courage to face me again."
  • "You fight, you lose, you die!"

Street Fighter Alpha 3 Edit

Win QuotesEdit

  • "Death may come when one is at their best. Never forget that."
  • "I can defeat anyone with just one blow..."
  • "The most deadly poison... It comes from within!"
  • "The power within my hand is unrivaled!"
  • "The wise one embraces silence... The fool can be heard for miles."
  • "We will all die. The question is when, why, and how painfully."
  • "You are a big fool!!"
  • "You did not have the potential to retire me. What a shame..."

Rival DialoguesEdit

Vs. RyuEdit


Gen: "I didn't think anyone could withstand my honed skills... I see the world is yet an interesting place to live in!"

Ryu: "Your fighting style... It's used for killing people, isn't it?"

Gen: "And what if it is?"

Ryu: "You are strong! I can sense your power just by looking at you..."


Gen: "I don't understand... Your style is pure... It is not like mine. But why do I feel so empty when I look within...? Perhaps it is because I use the "assassin's fist..." Or... is it because of the power he has flowing through him...?"

Vs. AkumaEdit


Gen: "................"

Akuma: "................ It's time to meet eternity, old man..."


Gen: "................ It would be a great honor to die in battle with a worthy foe. But now that I've defeated you, my wish can't be granted."

Vs. M. BisonEdit


Bison: "Are you the one who defeated the "Master of the Fist?" Ha ha ha... I will grant your wish as a reward for your skill."

Gen: "You are a big fool... You will be the next victim to fall."

Street Fighter IV series Edit

Personal ActionsEdit

  • "You cannot keep my fists in your sight, for they move with the fury of hell!"
  • "Should I be gentle?"
  • "Waste of time!"
  • "Hmph!"
  • "That's the spirit!"
  • "Behold my protean fists!"
  • "Come to me!"
  • "That's not enough to beat me!"
  • "You're nothing but talk!"
  • "Cur!"

Round Win Quotes Edit

  • "Pitiful amateur!"
  • "The weak deserve death!"
  • "This was supposed to be a fight to the death!"
  • "Simply standing before me is akin to wishing for death!"

Defeat Edit

  • "This is... not the end...!" (Chip KO)

Prologue (SFIV) Edit

Gen: "Your daughter has grown into a strong and admirable woman. I've tried to watch over her from the shadows, but I don't have much more time... Ngh…"

(Dorai is shown being shoved into a car by suited men.)

Dorai: "Damn it! Let go of me!"

(Gen stands in the middle of many suited men, easily dispatching them. The car however gets away as Gen stares on, clutching his chest.)

Gen: "Why was I cursed with this body and it's infernal frailties? I...won't let them get away!"

Prologue (SSFIV) Edit

  • "Alone in the darkness surrounded by the voices of the dead. Again, the same dream. What foolishness. No matter the ferocity of your anger or contempt for me, there is nothing you can do to hurt me. You lost that right the instant I stared death in the face and turned my back. You are powerless against me now. I live to fight. Death's embrace is my ultimate destiny. As long as blood courses through my veins, I shall not succumb to the likes of you! I will not allow the putrid dead to so much as touch me!"


"It was a vicious fight indeed. Each man was prepared to give up the ghost in what was to be their ultimate battle. Now it is time for me to return to my own fight to the death. The only reason I still draw breath... My journey has not yet ended!"

Rival DialogueEdit

Gen: "Come forward."

Chun-Li: "Gen. This time, I'll get you to talk."

Gen: "Come, child. You want to face me? Seeing as who your father is...I won't hold back!"

Other Rival Quotes:Edit

  • At the start of the round: "How would knowledge help you?"
  • When Chun-Li is low on health: "You've done well to survive this long."
  • When winning around: "Perhaps I overestimated you, girl."
  • When activating an Ultra: "It is over..."
  • When winning with a Super: "That's all his daughter could muster, eh?"
  • When winning with an Ultra: "Fear not! I shall not kill his daughter!"
  • When landing a Lv3 Focus Attack: "Impudent wench!"

Ending (SFIV) Edit

Gen: "I witnessed the moment in which life and death embraced. Death is powerful. Will this life fade into nothingness? Not until the final battle for life and death, it won't!"

Ending (SSFIV) Edit

Gen: "It was a vicious fight, indeed. Each man was prepared to give up the ghost in what was to be their ultimate battle. Now, it is time for me to return to my own fight to the death. The only reason I still draw breath. My journey has not yet ended!"

Win QuotesEdit


  • "All warriors will find the pits of Hades to be their final resting place..."
  • "Do not enter the ring if you are not prepared to die!"
  • "Fear not the cold grip of death..."
  • "Fighting is in your blood, eh? We have both fallen victim to its siren's song."
  • "My destiny lies in another place... A land of despair and destruction."
  • "My one regret is having lost sight of him on that fateful day..."
  • "The first time he and I crossed paths was on a day much like this time..."
  • "The only true fight is a fight to the death!"
  • "The time for Hades to split open and swallow you up approaches..."
  • "You are deserving of neither life nor death..."
  • "You are still a big fool!"


  • "Death is a bitter medicine we must all drink. I do not cower before it."
  • "If the prospect of death frightens you, leave this place at once!"
  • "My only fear is that I shall pass before my appointed fight to the death."
  • "The sight of blood makes me feel young again."
  • "This is no place for the likes of you."
  • "We begin dying the moment we are born. There is no escaping this truth."
  • "What immaturity!"
  • "You are a big fool!"
  • "You are unworthy of my attention. Leave my sight at once!"
  • "Your fate is sealed. There is no escape now."
  • "Your weakness is an embarrassment!"

Arcade ModeEdit


  • "This fight is not over! We must see it through to the end."
  • "Your fists have long sought death... Now, they will be sated!"
  • "You walk a path of righteousness, but that path is beset with danger..."
  • "How sad to think that you would leave a child behind as you pass to the other side."
  • "If you have any final words before you perish, speak them now."
  • "This world will be better off when your corpse rots beneath the earth!"
  • "Your child-like shrieks will be drowned out by your cry of death."
  • "Your blows are fast, but sloppy. You are not a worthy opponent."
  • "You will soon be free from your bonds and can join the other realm bodily."
  • "A fool such as your rotund self deserves the death that awaits you..."
  • "In a fight to the death, hesitation is a mistake most foolish..."
  • "If you are truly the king as you are called, you do not fear death."
  • "The delicate sound of a baby bird as it is crushed underfoot is chilling..."
  • "It is too late for a fool to mend his ways when death comes calling."
  • "The unknown will reveal itself to you as you pass into the next realm."


  • "Your own desires will be your undoing. Some secrets are better left unknown."
  • "A pitiful wretch like you does not deserve to die at my hand."
  • "I will not deliver the death blow this time. That pleasure comes another day..."
  • "I have no interest in those who would regard money as more important than the fight."
  • "You may be strong, but I have no time to wrestle with beasts!"
  • "To attain your goals, you must abandon any pretense of justice."
  • "Your father saved your life this day. Do not tempt me to take it again."
  • "A man lost inside his own self-pity has nothing worthwhile to offer."
  • "Do not resist when death wraps its boney fingers around your supple neck."
  • "A stiff wind would send a weakling like you packing!"
  • "Regard your possessions as worthwhile and they will usher in your doom."
  • "Tradition or not, there is no point to a fighting style that does not kill."
  • "The worst judge of your abilities is yourself! Leave my sight at once!"
  • "The powers you possess are worthy of praise, but not enough to defeat me!"
  • "Your feet are swift, but no man can outrun their inevitable death."
  • "You are but an insect in the face of my incredible power!"
  • "Your skills show great promise, young one. But tread carefully..."
  • "Your moves are careless and wild. They do not serve you well."
  • "Courage is a gift, but it must be doled out carefully in small portions."
  • "The wheels of justice may move slowly, but they will grind you to a pulp!"
  • "The time has come to face a deity..."
  • "I have de-fanged more ferocious tigers in my day!"
  • "You have not yet reached your potential, but I sense great things in your future."
  • "It is imprudent of you to speak so flippantly of the spirit world."
  • "Keep your nauseating narcissistic nattering to yourself, nitwit!"
  • "Poor child, your inexperience is no match for my fists."
  • "You may be fast, but your strikes still lack power.
  • "Size is of no importance against my mesmerizing fists!"


  • "The sound is not the wind, but the cries of the dead I have vanquished."
  • "All bodies in this mortal plane are equal. It's foolish to rely on bulk."
  • "You'll never succeed until you look past the surface, and know the truth."
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