Gerald Golby (ジェラルド・ゴルビー Jerarudo Gorubī?) is a non-playable fighter that first appeared in Ken's ending in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike.


Gerald is an elite wrestler with a tough body that began training when he was 4 years old. He is a newcomer in the mixed martial arts world, but there are great expectations for his future. He was an active American football player during his university days. His special move is a fierce facebuster called Monster Buster (モンスターバスター Monsutā Basutā?).[1]

Before the Street Fighter III series, he fought against Alex in the semi-finals of the "Vale Tudo Eternal Fighting" tournament and was defeated with a shoulder tackle.[1] After Street Fighter III, he participated in the Pan-American Fighting Championship and was defeated by Ken with a single Shoryuken in the finals, the match lasting only 30 seconds.



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