The Giant Flip is one of Abigail's special attacks, introduced in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Arcade Stick HCB+Arcade Button Punch



Executed by performing a half-circle backward motion and pressing punch, Abigail performs a front flip toward his opponent, slamming both of his fists into the ground upon completing the rotation. If Light Punch is pressed, Abigail delivers the attack without performing a front flip.

Pressing two punch buttons performs the EX version of Giant Flip. Abigail hits his opponent on the somersault before attacking. By mashing the punch button, Abigail can continuously slam his fists into the ground.


Giant Flip is a solid option in the neutral game. Each version hits his opponent at least twice and results in a knockdown. Giant Flip is one of Abigail's best tools against zoning characters. He can nullify projectiles on the ground pound. In addition, the Medium and Heavy version can leap over projectiles and inflict a decent amount of damage at the same time.

Despite having a longer startup than his other special attacks, it is Abigail's safest option to end combos. The Medium and Heavy version is plus on block. The EX Giant Flip is only -2 on block, which makes it difficult for his opponent to punish Abigail. The most efficient way to use this attack is to get his opponent to block it on their wakeup. Because it is plus on block, Abigail can give himself a mix-up opportunity. He can go for a meaty attack, or break through their defenses with his throws or command grab.

However, one of the main weaknesses of this move is its long startup. If his opponent makes the right read, they can stuff Abigail's attack before it comes out. Additionally, while Abigail is airborne during the Medium and Heavy version of Giant Flip, he is vulnerable in a Counter Hit state. If his opponent is expecting this attack, they can perform their Crush Counter attack to stuff Abigail out of the air.

While the normal versions are used to end combos, the EX version is Abigail's primary combo extender. This version has makes him invincible to projectiles throughout the front flip. It has an additional hitbox on the somersault that pops them in the air. On hit, it puts his opponent in a juggle state, giving Abigail a free opportunity to deal more damage. He can cancel into Abigail Punch or go for a reset with one of his normals. If Abigail has his V-Trigger active, then EX Giant Flip is essential to inflict optimal damage.


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