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The Giant Palm Bomber (ジャイアンとパームボンバー Jaianto Paamu Bonbaa?) is one of Hugo's special attacks, introduced in the Street Fighter III series.

All appearances Quarter-circle backward + Punch


Executed by performing a quarter-circle backward motion and pressing punch, Hugo draws his hands back and claps them together at the opponent. If the opponent is caught within the clap, they will suffer significant damage.

Giant Palm Bomber hits El Fuerte in Ultra Street Fighter IV.

The startup time and power are determined by the punch button pressed: light punch version is the weakest and fastest; heavy punch version is the slowest and most powerful; and medium punch version is somewhere in between. The EX Special version hits two times and has neither startup nor recovery time, allowing fast combos right before and after the move.


The normal versions of the attack have a long startup and are easy to parry, so as with the rest of Hugo's attacks, this attack should be used intelligently. It can even nullify projectiles, similarly to Zangief's Banishing Flat. The move often gives Hugo a frame advantage upon landing or block, and the heavy punch version's priority rivals that of the Shoryuken on wake-up; it can trade damage with the Shoryuken-user, and even beat them with the right timing.

The Giant Palm Bomber can be used as an approaching tool, again in the vein of Banishing Flat; while the distance is not as great, it is still useful and rather quick with light punch. It is possible to combo the claps forming a "reverse Chain Combo" (i.e. from heavy to light, with an optional EX Palm Bomber after the medium one) for a big amount of damage.



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