This is a list of quotes used by Gill.

Street Fighter III games Edit

New Generation Edit

Win Quotes Edit

  • "So weak! Are you trying to dull my fighting senses?!"
  • "Are you paralyzed yet? You're way below my expectations, but that's nothing new."
  • "You call yourself well-trained? Obviously humans follow the wrong leaders...anyone but me!"
  • "If you trained harder, maybe you wouldn't fall so quickly. Pathetic!"
  • "Look into my eyes! I'll carve the mark of defeat on your brow."
  • "Ignorant of your own incompetence.... What a fool."
  • "I held back, and still you cower on the ground like a peon. What a waste of human life!"
  • "I should have been conquering the world, not wasting my time with the likes of you."
  • "Not bad, but still you fall short of the perfection I embody."
  • "You actually made me pay attention to this fight, for a moment."
  • "You did well, for one of the sheep. Challenge me again when you learn from your mistakes."
  • "I admire your courage, but you'd be a fool to stand against me again."

Win Quotes (character specific) Edit

  • "I respect you, passionate female warrior, but my respect will not save you!"
  • "Ninjitsu is a rare style that I respect, but you make a mockery of the art. You have no chance."
  • "Your tongue isn't as sharp when you're lying prone on your back, is it kid? Where's your spirit?"
  • "I thought I granted you the ability to fight.... Obviously, you are defective."
  • "You are powerful for your old age, but my ambition surpasses yours a thousand fold."
  • "If you let your troubled mind stand in your way, it doesn't take much to slaughter you."
  • "Like a prayer without faith, your moves are incomplete. Your odds to win are 1 in a million."
  • "You and your older brother could have challenged me together, but instead you perish apart."
  • "Chinese martial arts look beautiful. But, that is all."

2nd Impact Edit

Win Quotes Edit

  • "If you tried harder, maybe you wouldn't fall so quickly. Pathetic!"
  • "Ignorant of your own incompetence... What a fool."
  • "I admire your courage, but you'd be a fool to stand against me again."
  • "Are you paralyzed yet? You're way below my expectations, but that's nothing new."
  • "Look into my eyes! I'll carve the mark of defeat on your brow."
  • "You actually made me pay attention to this fight, for a moment."
  • "You did well, for one of the sheep. Challenge me again when you learn from your mistakes."

Super Arts Quotes Edit

Meteor Strike Edit

  • "Defeating me would mean leading the world to destruction. Accept your divine punishment!"
  • "With your ignorance, you only see destruction. It is in fact, a prelude to rebirth!"

Win Quotes (character specific) Edit

  • "Your destruction is the only thing that will save your cursed fist... You should thank me!"
  • "A mere street fighter like you has no chance to win... or even knock me off my feet!"
  • "Your pride has done you in again... It's about time you lost it!"
  • "My power is righteous! Repent your misguided actions now!"
  • "You dare to imitate my power? You shall suffer for this insult!"
  • "Your battered body should teach you something! Remember it if you dare to fight again."
  • "Your efforts are useless! Interfering with my divine plan will only serve to annoy me."
  • "Those fake flames fail to serve your immortality... Therefore, your end is near."
  • "It was a mistake to have considered you. Your pathetic destiny is now set in stone!"
  • "Your Senjitsu is puny in comparison! Have you realized that my power is the only true power?!"
  • "Now, what is the one thing you've gained from your humiliation? Tell me now!"
  • "If you were reincarnated a hundred times, I would still rule... And you would still suck!"
  • "Brother... The differences between us are obvious. Go on your way now!"
  • "Such a child! No matter how cool you think you are, death shall humble you!"
  • How unfortunate... Are you disappointed after seeing your true strength?"

3rd Strike Edit

Introductions, Conclusions and AttacksEdit

  • "The mark of my divinity shall scar thy DNA."
  • "Let me be the blesser of all souls!"
  • "Welcome to your death!"
  • "Kneel before your master."
  • "Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! I am your god!"
  • "Die!"
  • "Pyrokinesis."
  • "Cryokinesis."

Win QuotesEdit

  • "My methods may seem harsh in contrast to my true intentions."
  • "A supreme being's influence is his key to power."
  • "Two centuries... A mere blink upon the face of eternity..."
  • "Rest for now, then perform the great task that is ahead of you."
  • "It is natural that you desire what you can never have or achieve!"
  • "The stage has been set. Do not interfere with my grand performance!"
  • "You will have to exceed your limitations if you wish to survive."
  • "Immortality is not a gift. It is a responsibility."

Win Quotes (character specific) (Japanese) Edit

  • " seems that power is more than equal to me."「ふむ・・・・力だけは私と対等以上のようだな」
  • "I think it's an effort that won't pay off forever, but I think it's better to practice more."「もっと修行をつんでくるがいい永遠に報われぬ努力だとは思うが」
  • "It was a short time but I really enjoyed it."「短い間だったが存分に楽しませてもらった」
  • "Was it a struggle in chivalry?"「騎士道に恥じぬ闘いだったかね?」
  • "The voice you are listening's an oracle."「いま君が聞いている声・・・・それが神託だ」
  • "There are 20,000 more files in that file. Do you want to read more?"「あのファイルはあと2万冊はある続きを読むかね?」
  • "This is a place that is not suitable for you, go away."「ここは君にはそぐわぬ場所だ立ち去りたまえ」
  • "...The plan must be expedited to eliminate such irregularities."「・・・・こういったイレギュラーを消すためにも、計画は早めねばな」
  • "It's about to disappear, your existence, something inconvenient."「そろそろ消えてくれないかお前の存在、なにかと不都合なのだ」
  • "If you obey such penance, you will be happy if you follow me."「そんな苦行をつまずとも我に従えば幸福を授けるぞ」
  • "Almighty I don't understand... Who are you?"「全能の私にも解らぬとは・・・・何者だ君は?」
  • "Let's disregard boring emotions and talk about the future together."「つまらない感情は棄ててともに未来を語ろうではないか」
  • "Pure, in a sense, we are worse than bad guys." 「純粋だなある意味、悪人よりもたちが悪い」
  • "It is a human error to create something that looks like a person."「人に似せた人ならぬものを造るそれこそが人の過ちなのだ」
  • "This ending is also set and stated in the plan." 「この結末もまた計画書に記されし定めなのだ」
  • "You just have to be quiet and look at the miracle."「君たちはただおとなしく奇跡を眺めていればよいのだよ」
  • "You can't really see the world from your perspective."「君たちの視野ではとうてい世界など目に入らない」

Pre-battle End Boss QuotesEdit

  • Gill: I've been waiting for you, Alex. Since the first time we met, I knew that our destinies were intertwined. . .I knew you would seek me out to learn the truth.
  • Alex: What do you mean you knew I would come here . . . ? Your visions don't impress me. I just want to beat you down!! I know I'll find what I've been looking for once I destroy you.
  • Gill: I knew you would say that . . . Ha ha ha! Let us embrace our destiny!!

Ending Quotes Edit

  • Gill: You were wrong. . . People can't control hatred or love within their minds. . . Every soul feeds and survives upon feelings. . . If you try to ignore certain emotions people may be damaged or destroyed! Open your mind and accept the truth that one feeling needs the other . . . Let me lead you . . .
  • Alex: . . . Huh? What is going on . . . ? Something has been taken away . . . And yet, something new has been added.
  • Gill: Paradise . . . Everyone dreams of it and searches their entire life for it . . . But paradise doesn't exist. People are blind to the truth . . . 2000 years was too long. I'm going to complete the mission which my predecessor tried to accomplish. The dark future is now over . . . Now . . . The road has been shown. This road will lead the pitiful people of this world to evolution . . . Yes . . . This is the way to the paradise!

Street Fighter V Edit

A Shadow Falls Edit

  • "The ending is slightly different... from the text written in the ancient prophecy. Could it be an inconsequential error, alone in the endless expanse of time? Perhaps..."
  • "Heh... The world is destined to be ashen and barren. The balance... between regeneration and destruction... must be restored."
  • "Come and follow me... Kolin."

Character SelectEdit

  • "The time has arrived. Come."

Language Change Edit

  • "Everything... has been determined by fate."

Intro Edit

  • "Harmony. That is the truth of what you must seek."
  • "The plan is already moving forward." (Character Story Mode)
  • "Universal harmony, by my hand." (Character Story Mode)
  • "My perfection... does not require any training." (Training Mode)
  • "Only to be sure to perfect the plan... right?" (Training Mode)
  • "Let us begin." (Easy Survival Mode)
  • "Benevolence has its limits." (Normal Survival Mode)
  • "My mercy is coming to an end." (Hard Survival Mode)
  • "Burn this upon your gaze." (Extreme Survival Mode)


  • "In my grasp!" (front)
  • "Fall down!" (back)
  • "I shall persevere!" (back)
  • "I see all." (Throw Escape)
  • "What just?" (Throw Miss)

Crush Countered Edit

  • "A foolish."

V-Skill IEdit

V-Skill IIEdit

  • "I know all." (High Parry)
  • "I see all." (Low Parry)

V-Reversal Edit

  • "Step aside."

V-Trigger I Edit

  • "*grunts*" (Activation)
  • "Can you endure the pain?" (Flame Javelin)
  • "I shall burn you down!" (Volcanic Storm)

V-Trigger II Edit

  • "The curtain falls!" (Activation)
  • "Now sleep!" (Tree of Frost)
  • "Freeze up." (Delay Freeze Lance)

Cryokinesis Edit

  • "Cryokinesis!" (Light, Medium and High Version)
  • "Disappear!" (EX Light Version)
  • "Witless fool!" (EX Medium Version)
  • "Upon thee!" (EX High Version)
  • "On ice!" (V-Trigger II Version)


  • "Pyrokinesis!" (Light, Medium and High Version)
  • "Begone!" (EX Light Version)
  • "Tear asunder!" (EX Medium Version)
  • "I grant this." (EX High Version)
  • "Now burn!" (V-Trigger I Version)

Cryo Cyber Lariat Edit

  • "Scatter!" (Light Version)
  • "Die!" (Medium Version)
  • "Submerge!" (High Version)
  • "Worthless!" (EX Version)

Critical Art Edit

  • "It is God's will!" (Activation)
  • "Time to return to harmony! Seraphic Wing!" (during Cinematic)
  • "Welcome to your death." (if KOs the foe)
  • "You must accept your fate." (if also KOs the foe)
  • "Resurrection!" (Activation as the arcade boss character)
  • "Meteor Strike!" (Activation as the arcade boss character)


  • "We will all live in harmony, together."
  • "Call me, lord and emperor."
  • "Huh."

Taunt Edit

  • "Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh."

Round Win Edit

  • "Primordial Flame!" (V-Trigger I chosen)
  • "This Ice shall be your Doom!" (V-Trigger II chosen)
  • "All according to the prophecy." (KO Zone)
  • "What did you see at the Gate of Harmony?" (Perfect KO)
  • "It is time to proceed with the plan..." (20% health or less)
  • "The plan will not be stopped." (Time Over)

KO Edit

  • "Huaaaaaaaaaagh!"
  • "What... I just..." (crumple KO)

Versus Mode (Generic) Edit

  • "What did you see in my Harmonious Gate?"
  • "Life and death, destruction and regeneration, love and hate... Everything is in harmony."
  • "I will show you the way."
  • "Everything is as it was written."
  • "Playtime is over."

Versus Mode (Character-Specific) Edit

  • "Power alone won't suffice. Destiny cannot be denied."
  • "So power... is what you desired..."
  • "An undiscovered ocean... That's what you desire? Then fight for it -- as meaningless as it may be."
  • "A crude desire... I doubt that is what you truly want. You've just yet to discover that which you cherish."
  • "A prosperous world that knows no famine... It can be yours if you so desire."
  • "A vulgar beast would better understand the justness of my harmony."
  • "If you're tired, you should rest. There's no shame in it. You fought well."
  • "Hmm... Do you already possess that which you sought?"
  • "I will fight you if you so desire... Not that you stand a chance against a god."
  • "When you close your eyes, all you see is me."
  • "Fighting is a ritual to you? Then offer your prayers to me."
  • "To be mistaken about a kneeling foe... Pathetic."
  • "I will grant you everything from peace to freedom. Just sleep..."
  • "An undocumented power... Is this person just a clown, or perhaps..."
  • "The time draws ever closer... Our plan must go into motion before this star decays."
  • "You should be with your family... For that is surely what you desire."
  • "Friends, love... Mere trivialities. Everything is as it's been written."
  • "You need not be bold or arrogant... Gaze upon me. You're but a mere shadow of myself."
  • "The Land of Prosperity? Fear not, for it is inside of me."
  • "Hopelessness. Is that what you saw? How fascinating..."
  • "You wish to develop your own fighting style? Then put your faith in me, for I am eternal."
  • "Who am I? I'm the emperor, savior of the world."
  • "The time is nigh... All uncertainty must be eliminated, no matter how trivial."
  • "You could see if you'd just open your eyes. See my power and what's to come."
  • "Death... If that is the peace you wish for, your wish is my desire."
  • "...A variant. It must be removed for the sake of the time to come."
  • "Is this a show? That's fine. When the time comes, the world will serve as the emperor's stage."
  • "Glory, victory, comrades... You're welcome to your foolish little dreams."
  • "There is no need to ask why we fight. Everything will be in harmony when the times comes."
  • "The path... I see. So you've seen it."
  • "There are heights that mortal men can never hope to achieve... That's what it means to be emperor."
  • "You seem lost. All you must do is my bidding."
  • "You appear to have no idea who you are."
  • I, Emperor Gill, will accomplish the grand schemes of our organization. My destiny cannot be altered..."
  • "Prostrated before me, hanging your head... Truly a thing of beauty."
  • "If it's a tempered body you seek, you should play with your opponent."
  • "All living things age, weaken, and die. It's an inescapable fact."
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