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Glacier Through is Kolin's second V-Skill in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Medium punch+Medium kick


Kolin driving Cammy into the ground using Glacier Through.

Executed by pressing Medium Punch and Medium Kick simultaneously, Kolin lunges toward her opponent and attempts to grab them. If successful, she grabs onto her opponent's head and swings herself over them. While doing so, she encases her opponent's head inside a ball of ice with icicles sticking out from the backside of the sphere. Finally, Kolin lands with both of her knees into the opponent's head, driving them to the ground and breaking the sphere of ice upon impact.


Kolin using Glacier Through to put Cammy into a frozen state.

While this move's 26-frame startup is longer than her first V-Skill, it is a command throw with range due to her lunging forward. This move inflicts good damage and builds decent V-Meter. Additionally, the command grab puts the opponent in a icy state on hit, thus freezing their stun gauge. For visual representation, her opponent's entire body turns faded white. Additionally, their stun gauge remains frozen until they land a hit on Kolin. While the Glacier Through creates separation between her opponent, it plays to her advantage in the neutral game. Having a frozen stun gauge puts her opponent in a position to be aggressive to return their stun gauge to normal, leading them to make mistakes.

If her opponent is stunned in this icy state, they become frozen. Unlike normal stuns, her opponent gradually loses health gradually until the stun is broken. As with normal stuns, it can be mashed out of to reduce the effect. If her opponent is close to stun, Kolin can use command throw in freeze her opponent's stun gauge. While the 26-frame startup gives her opponent some time to avoid or counter it, Glacier Through is fast enough for Kolin to sneak it in. In addition, because this move is a command throw, it cannot be blocked. Kolin can use her second V-Skill to catch her opponent off-guard.

Kolin also gains access to a new target combo that's exclusive to her second V-Skill. She can use White Pressure to easily confirm into the second V-Skill and freeze their stun gauge at the same time. However, this move cannot be cancelled into her normals or special attacks. Kolin doesn't get any follow-ups from the command grab as well. Because it is slower than other command throws, her opponent can back dash or neutral jump to not only avoid her second V-Skill, but launch a counter attack of their own.

Her first V-Skill equips Kolin with a parry that has decent corner carry and a way to safely cancel into V-Trigger. However, Glacier Through gives her an unblockable move and a way to freeze her opponent's stun gauge without the need of V-Trigger.




  • The move appears to be a mistransliteration of Glacier Throw, given its similar pronunciation and spelling in Japanese (スルー, suruu).